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life is a Funny Thing

Life is a funny thing. It can chew you up, spit you out, occasionally steal your hairbrush, but what makes you really want to shake your fist in its general direction is when you realise that, quite against your wishes, it has set itself to fast forward. Since when was it allowed to be April already? I’m fairly certain I did not give permission for this to happen. Continue reading →

Royal Academy of Engineering Advanced Leadership Award

What was I saying about this term getting ever crazier again? Well, it’s just got even better now I’ve been presented with the Royal Academy of Engineering Advanced Leadership Award I blogged about last time! I’m absolutely delighted, completely over the moon! It’s going to open so many doors for me and I’m so excited about what the next few years will hold! Let me explain a little more about what the award actually entails, since I didn’t go into much detail last time given the... Continue reading →

D4 Design Exercise

Three weeks ago all the second year electronics students headed off to a special extra lecture, where we were to be set the final design challenge of the year, D4. We all knew it was going to be something pretty big due to the hefty mark allocation associated with it (75% of one module – roughly the same as one exam paper) but I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for what was to come...”you have 11 working days to build a digital oscilloscope”... *gasp*... Continue reading →

Another Coursework Make Its Way Into the Depths

Time flies As another coursework makes its way into the inner depths of the C-BASS handin service, I notice we're almost at the end of a term! Before I go any further, I would like to point out that Helpdesk don't mind you having your own projects (and in fact, they encourage it), just try and keep resource usage to a minimum. The bouncy dot was neither resource friendly (taking up at minimum two PCs in the lab), nor helpdesk-friendly. Continue reading →

I Met Tim Berners-Lee!

I've had an exciting day going up to London to the Royal Society to attend a Web Science panel. There I saw Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web – very exciting indeed. In fact, I even spoke to him and asked, “How do you feel about the non-conformance of W3C Standards with Internet Explorer?”, to which he replied, “Well, I will be using more and more SVGs [Scalable Vector Graphics] … if you're using Internet Explorer, you won't be able to see these pretty pictures”. Continue reading →

OpenChatter Project

OpenChatter Project Sometimes progress on a project can stagnate, leaving the end result as a load of odd bits of code that don't quite work when put together. This is especially true of group work where the aim is to integrate disparate technologies and there is no clear group leader. I finished such a project in January for the scripting languages course. Continue reading →

ECS Helpdesk

I am now a proud member of ECS Helpdesk. It was a tough battle to get there... I had to submit a decent CV and convince them at the interview I was the man for the job. Blood was spilt and tears were wept (there were loads of applicants), but I managed it! I'll be working for a probationary period on Fridays for just 2 hours. So nothing too demanding. My forte in this position will be solving problems in NetBeans and Eclipse. Continue reading →

Many opportunities all at once

Many opportunities all at once It is funny how when the mind is consistently focussed on what it wants, an endless stream of opportunities seems to materialise from nowhere. This effect has been described as the law of attraction in various online circles and takes a different form depending on who describes it. The gist of it seems to be that the ideas you hold on to intently gradually become self-fulfilling prophecies. I've been thinking about how to get my own business up and running. Continue reading →