Topic 3: Time to reflect.

During this topic, I have not solely engaged with those involved on the course, networking with other Twitter users. Reflecting the topic starting point- discussing an authentic online presence- has given me the chance to treat twitter “like a cocktail party”, networking through it. One of these was a conversation with EvolvewebsiteDesign, to read click on the tweet bellow.

Along with using the past two weeks to network through twitter, I learnt a lot from the conversations, discovering and interacting with others blog posts.

Freya’s blog post stated with a very useful Youtube video:

I used this topic to analyse my personal brand, and this video helped me further reflect on it. The video emphasises the elements of everyday life that need to be reflected in your self-brand online. Once we leave the computer, we do not leave our self-brand. Employers will question the inconsistency if in person we are different to online. With modern day technology, we very rarely are completely offline; this highlighted again to me the importance of authenticity in an online-brand.

Charlie and I delved into discussion on the importance of profile pictures showing professionalism and authenticity. Her opinions reflected mine, engaging us in conversation of increasing authenticity through an ‘informal’ yet professional approach to Twitter and Blogs; creating an online personality, which reflects our offline one. I use Instagram to give my online presence personality. I use it to express my love for healthy eating and cooking. This allows me to share photos of my cooking, whilst remaining professional.

This week, through interacting with those on the course, and individuals outside, I feel I have really begun to develop an authentic online presence; allowing me to analyse my presence online, and adjust where needed.


Stone Throw’s Media. (2013) Personal Branding- why is it important? [Online] Available at: [Accessed: 9th November 2014]

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