Ways to develop an authentic profile: a Reflection

Authenticity. How important is this online and how can we develop this?

I looked at this question this week, with, I’m ashamed to say, quite a “meh” attitude towards it. I knew that originality  is what separates you from the crowd, but I didn’t realise just how crucial it is in the business world, and the interaction you need on social platforms! After delving into the wonders of the web, I came across links that offered top tips on how to be noticed and thus recruited. Actually Jess wrote an excellent blog on tips to developing an authentic profile- one which I think anyone online would be able to relate to!

Yet, I think it’s all about maintaining the recruiters interest in you- whether it is showcasing your personality on Twitter to them, or simply notifying them that you have viewed their profile on LinkedIn. Anna made a comment of consistency between social platforms, one of which I agree with even if I’m not consistent myself (but am working on it!). She made me realise that its about enabling employers to easily establish who the ‘real you’ is.

I also think  that actively presenting your own opinions and experiences to the world is important.  I found that LinkedIn was a popular platform used this week.  It was interesting to get  Pippas input on whether using too many platforms drains the authentic self. I agreed with her though- job-seekers need to maximise their internet exposure to increase their profile awareness, whilst understanding the time needed to invest in them separately.

So, to answer the question, authenticity is SO important nowadays online because it is about self-branding yourself. We can develop it by using all the social platforms we have- as long as we are organised and stay true to who we are!



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