Topic 3 – Reflection of a reflection.

I have now passed the half way stage with my #UOSM 2033 Living and Working on the Web blog and it’s refreshing to understand more about what exactly I use the internet for. Topic 1 looked at Le Cornu’s concept of Digital Residents and Visitors. Topic 2 Looked at the problems arisen from Online Identities, Privacy and Security. Topic 3 has taken these past two topics a step further. LinkedIn, a networking platform I use almost everyday is the situation I drew parallels from when asking myself the question of a Professional Online Identity.

Admittedly it is a shame to see a fair few of my connections on LinkedIn only having connections with friends on Facebook or Twitter.  Thus the LinkedIn experience for them just becomes their friends experiences. My views expanded through the comments provided by Sophie Collins (for which I am grateful for) regarding the relevancy of experience provided by her friend for a potential work placement. Looking at the reflection posted by Sophie’s blog earlier today, I’m glad we came to a uniform decision that LinkedIn should be tailored to your field of expertise, connections and experience alike!

I also commented on Dom’s Blog to further hone my understanding of a Professional Online presence. Where do we draw a fine line between Professionalism and Online security? Would I personally risk a 10k summer internship on the fact that my potential employer could not find out anything regarding my Online Identity? Certainly not! But the threat of Identity theft  remains ever prevalent. (Something I experienced but will talk about another time). I am still waiting on Dom to respond but I am looking forward to a second opinion on the matter.

In addition, Din’s Blog was an interesting read! Din explained about a gamer who turned artist who turned Reddit Extraordinaire! I enjoy the fact that your ‘average Joe’ requires very little resources to establish a strong online presence. That said, from personal experiences with my own YouTube account, I have found it very difficult to harbour views! Thus irrespective of Professionalism, other barriers remain and it is a shame to see such good YouTube content not get the credit it deserves! (SELF ENDORSEMENT FTW!)

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