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EE Zepler Prize

EE Zepler Prize Wow, incredible, amazing – I’m simply stunned. I’ve just been told I have won the EE Zepler Prize for achieving the top mark of all the students on my course last year! I can’t believe it! I knew I had done well and got good marks, but I had no idea how I compared to anyone else, so to discover this now, well, I’m actually speechless... ...Fast forward a few days and there was an informal prize-giving ceremony for all the winners across all ECS courses and years. Continue reading →

Procrastination and Distractions are Still Apparent

The temptation of distraction that I had whilst studying at college seems to have carried over to university quite well. There is always this massive urge to do anything but homework; my head even makes it seem that tidying my room is better. Which is a lie. I just need to be more strict with myself, he says, whilst sitting in his room, writing his blog and listening to house music... Continue reading →

Writing My Own C# Game

I'm typing this on my netbook, surrounded by piles of a teenage boy's laundry. Next to me, someone is fighting off a combination of head-grabbing aliens and gas-mask wearing policemen (courtesy of Microsoft's Xbox360) while, somewhere in the distance, a King Charles spaniel snuffles around looking for a free meal. I must be home for Easter. There's always something a little weird about arriving back at the parents' house after being away all term. Continue reading →

There are Lies, Damn-Lies and Statistics, Or Maybe Not

Some people say there are lies, damn-lies and statistics. My computer systems lecturer disagrees. He says there are lies, damn-lies, statistics and benchmarks. After nearly a week spent slowly disappearing under a mountain of chips, wire and code, I've thought up a new one: There are lies, damn-lies, statistics, benchmarks and things-you-wrote-in-your-design-project-plan. The following explanation has been carefully stripped of any direct references to electronic engineering. Continue reading →

Sun Was Shining in Full Splendour

Greetings...Hello Hi....I am baaaaaack! It has been a long time since I posted my previous blog. Well I don’t want to make excuses but I was in trouble, a big trouble ......(BTW, my colleague from my previous job called me a ‘trouble’...:P) It was a pleasant day; there was fresh & sweet breeze blowing, sun was shining in full splendour, there were birds singing songs and we were walking towards a pub, located just behind the university. ....Hmm...somewhat romantic ya....:).... Continue reading →

Full Circle

Who would've thought that after a year, I'd still be blogging right here. It feels oddly surreal. My summer was absolutely amazing. I went back home to Malaysia for three months and I got to spend some quality time with family and friends. I also had the chance to do an internship in a semi-government institution. Whoever started the rat race to join the working world should be shot. Continue reading →