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PhD Straight After Undergraduate

Doing a PhD straight after an undergraduate degree brings both good and bad connotations about yourself. Particularly in Malaysia, jumping straight from a BSc to PhD is fairly unheard of, thus they automatically assume that you're some intelligent overachieving prodigy. On the flip side, grad school has been famously caricatured as a way to put off getting a job - or joining the real world, so to speak. When I first thought about doing a PhD, I wasn't really sure about what it involved. Continue reading →

Network Issues over Christmas

OK, I know it's been absolutely AGES since I've last updated this. Two months and a bit. It's a disgrace, I know and I'm terribly sorry. I've been busy. I was probably busy doing stuff other than work, but nonetheless, faffing is still an activity :P At least we've got loads more bloggers to fill in the gap this time around. I can't believe how much the ECS student blogging community has grown and they're writing some pretty good stuff as well. Continue reading →

Full Circle

Who would've thought that after a year, I'd still be blogging right here. It feels oddly surreal. My summer was absolutely amazing. I went back home to Malaysia for three months and I got to spend some quality time with family and friends. I also had the chance to do an internship in a semi-government institution. Whoever started the rat race to join the working world should be shot. Continue reading →

Exam Results – What a Result!

I just got my exam results and I did waaayyy better than I would've imagined, thank God :D The thing is, I was quite a mess right before the exams. I was so emotionally unstable that I got to the point where I didn't care about what would happen anymore. My exams were getting closer but it wasn't sinking in and all I wanted to do was hide in my dream world. This wasn't helping me at all. So I sought help. First, I went to see my tutor. Continue reading →

Exams Are Over

Now EXAMS ARE OVER! Wheeeeeeeeeee :D A couple of weeks ago we had a short talk on relationships. It was run by Eric Cooke (a.k.a. The Legend) and Sarah Cove from Zepler Reception. We covered so many topics, including how you should learn to love yourself. Eric brought out this book with a bright yellow smiley face plastered on it and read some interesting quotes from it. Continue reading →

Project Work SEG is Done, Even with Members Dropping Out

SEG IS OVER! For the uninitiated, SEG stands for our Part II Software Engineering Group project, where we spend a whole semester working on a piece of software while embracing the trials and tribulations of group-based software development. It all started when we were told our group allocations. The groups were randomly chosen, so if Lady Luck was having PMS at the time, you could've been stuck with your arch nemesis for the rest of the semester. Continue reading →

Awaiting Exam Results – May Come Out on My Brithday

Time sure flies. I got my previous semester's exam results last month. I always seem to get my Semester 1 results on or around my birthday. It's kind of scary; if the results are good, I would definitely feel like celebrating, but if they're not, it will just ruin my special day. This year, thank God, my birthday celebrations went without a hitch ;) The Students' Union held their elections last month as well. It's funny how all the candidates I voted for LOST. Again. Continue reading →

Exams Schedule Puts Killer Subjects Last

Exams. It's the time when you start reassuring your parents that you will ace them because you've been working hard all this while. *cough* One thing that amazes me is how my exam schedule would always put my killer subjects last. My schedule would start off with relatively easier papers first before building up to a somewhat climatic ending. And strangely enough, the last few papers would have at least a 2-day gap before them, giving me ample time to do any last-minute revision. Continue reading →