I Still Haven’t Finished My CV

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I hate weekends.

Mostly because you build them up in your mind as the light at the end of the tunnel, the holiday at the end of the year, the oasis in a desert of work and lectures that is your working week – what you actually end up doing is spending far too long over the minutiae that you haven’t been able to accomplish between Monday and Friday.

As a result, I found myself sitting at my desk last night, having just composed an email to my Theatre Group contact explaining why I couldn’t paint a poster for the Freshers’ Play – that my medium was the computer. This took me an hour and a half.
At the end of which, I realised what I should have done was minutes for the last Rover project meeting and the last page of my CV. It’s going to be a long week.

However, what I can look forward to is more Rover work! Our first review was a week last Friday – we were expecting an informal atmosphere where we could chat about our design and how it was going to work; what we actually got came as a bit of a surprise. We filed into a small room with a pair of course lecturers who, before we’d even sat down, stated that we had ten minutes and pushed the button on a rather large, ticking stop-clock in the middle of their desk.
It was a good review, we thought. There was a short discussion amongst the group over whether our assessors’ raised eyebrows indicated that they thought we were going to fail miserably or that they were impressed with our work… after which we optimistically decided that it was mostly the latter.

So we moved into the next phase of our work, having duly noted that, with the system flow diagrams, report introduction and technical CAD drawings all nearly complete, we had virtually finished half the required work for the next two submissions! We are now on to the more practical tasks – which is what is so exciting! One of my new-term’s-resolutions was to do more programming, and that is exactly where I am specialising in this project, in collaboration with another member of the team. He is far more fluent at assembler code than I am (so ‘collaboration’ is probably a misnomer in this case) and as a result, we’ve nearly finished v1.0 of the program. Meanwhile, the rest of the group have been making preparations for construction of the circuitry and main chassis. So overall, we’re tearing along!

Having said that, I still haven’t finished my CV…

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