Sun Was Shining in Full Splendour

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Hi….I am baaaaaack!
It has been a long time since I posted my previous blog. Well I don’t want to make excuses but I was in trouble, a big trouble ……(BTW, my colleague from my previous job called me a ‘trouble’…:P)

It was a pleasant day; there was fresh & sweet breeze blowing, sun was shining in full splendour, there were birds singing songs and we were walking towards a pub, located just behind the university. ….Hmm…somewhat romantic ya….:)….In fact I should define ‘we’ else you take some awry message…the word ‘we’, means my supervisor and his PhD & post doc students. We were going for lunch….great…and you know my supervisor said ‘I gonna pay for you guys’ drinks’(marvellous!). During the lunch, my supervisor said, I have a news for you guys, may be somehow harsh for some of you guys…..(pause)….”I resigned”…..o no, Ooo, really,………..(many voices at same time ….nice cacophony… I wanted to sing Enrique’s “You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my love”…:P).

So that was the reason, I was very busy. (In fact, you may take it other way around, But I don’t wanna make you jealous. I felt free, sense of freedom…:)…and I came to know, what the value of freedom is!). Well, so the head of ISIS group and some senior researchers called a round table conference and tried to sort out the things. As we (two PhD guys and one research fellow) were working on a project funded by some external source, hence they gave us less freedom (It is not wrong in saying ‘no freedom’) to choose a supervisor. The rationale behind this was that, a supervisor has to take care of whole project as well as our PhD. Anyway, our new supervisor was chosen (and amazingly, he was the supervisor of a famous researcher from the IAM group, some 10 years back).

So this was the whole story, you may ask what is (or can be) the (possible) effects of this change on my PhD. I would say, not a big problem at this time, as this happened when I was in the 5 months in. As, in the first few months one mainly focuses on a broad area rather than becoming somewhat specific. BTW, PhD is all about, Reading, Thinking, Thinking, Thinking, and then Writing…:).. Here is a famous joke about PhD students…

“A PhD student knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing” *
Hmm, just think about this joke and try to think like a researcher…)…and for explanation, read the poem next. I will see you guys in a couple of weeks with a new trouble….till DaT….ByezzzzZ

(Note: Find me at the middle of the photo, at graduation ceremony)
graduation photo

* “One does not have to be brilliant, a genius, to be special.
To do something better than anyone/everyone else. To be
One has only to choose an END
any END
And then DO IT”

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