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First week at Ericsson & Exam Results

Hello my lovely blog readers :-) I think the first thing to say is "yayy I got a 2:1 for first year"!! It's first year so technically I got 25 more percents than I need, but it's still nice to say you got a decent grade and didn't 'just pass' - but it kind of means I need to keep it up for two more years now I've done it once!! The second is to give some sort of review of the first week of my internship with Ericsson. Continue reading →

Freshers Week Come Around Already

So freshers' week has come around already; after what seems like an incredibly short summer, we are thrown straight back (with full force!) into uni life. It is very interesting how different this summer, after my second year here, has been when compared to last summer and the summer before. Summer 2009 I'm going to be totally honest; the summer I had before I came to university was pretty awful. Continue reading →

Interview with IT Innovation at Chilworth Science Park

I had the interview with IT Innovation at Chilworth Science Park today. It was quite a nice day out; lovely weather and beautiful surroundings. I arrived 45 minutes early (the company I booked the taxi with told me to get a taxi at 2pm if I wanted to guarantee getting there for 3pm). Having loads of time spare, I had a wonder around the site and it really was gorgeous. Plenty of trees and green space. Continue reading →


It's almost an unwritten code of conduct that most blogs need to start with a variety of quotes, such as: "I cannot believe it has been almost three weeks!" or "It's been really crazy*, but really fun!" or even some sort of nerdy programming quote that only people who are Computer Scientists would actually get. If I was writing one of these nerdy jokes to introduce my first blog post, then it would probably be based on some sort of "POST http/1.1" reference. Continue reading →

Its All Go. Job, Exams and Coursework

Okay, it's 00:34, and I've just finished revising for a module test tomorrow. Suddenly the nice slow paced start to life at university has sped up to a run, and things are starting to take off. I've got a job (that was advertised through an email to ECS students), and I've just applied for another job as well. Exams are just around the corner, and coursework marks from last term are imminent. Continue reading →

Careers, Mountbatten and Freebies!

I’ve just experienced firsthand how valued ECS students really are. I visited the University’s IT, Science and Engineering Careers Fair and you only have to say you’re studying Electro… - and they’re falling over themselves to promote their particular companies and careers options. They then all asked what year I was in and I somewhat sheepishly replied, “First”, assuming that they would no longer be interested, but I was wrong. Continue reading →

Full Circle

Who would've thought that after a year, I'd still be blogging right here. It feels oddly surreal. My summer was absolutely amazing. I went back home to Malaysia for three months and I got to spend some quality time with family and friends. I also had the chance to do an internship in a semi-government institution. Whoever started the rat race to join the working world should be shot. Continue reading →