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As a Computer Scientist you Spend Time Fixing Other Peoples Computers

There is something special about being the house's computer scientist. You spend a lot of time fiddling with networks and trying to fix other peoples' computers. Fortunately the tools to properly diagnose and repair computers are very good these days. Unfortunately most manufacturers think that a recovery CD costs too much to bother including in the package, so they half-heartedly provide hidden partitions and the like that don't help one iota when there is a hardware failure. Continue reading →

Actually Finished a Lab

The focus of my third year project is coming along, though I am getting worried about the scope. Spent most of today researching the relevant topics, and putting the finishing touches on my ethics comittee application for a questionnaire I intend to run to gather requirements for my 3YP. Had the second of two graphics labs on Wednesday, I was much more comfortable with it this time around as I knew what to expect. Continue reading →

Its Raining Again and Deadlines are Fast Approaching

So it's Friday morning, its raining outside and deadlines are fast approaching but it's not all doom and gloom! My 9AM tutorial finished early so I thought I would take the time to update the world with the recent events of my life. The University held an Engineering and Computer Science careers fair which I attended to look at the possibility of doing a summer placement next year. Many of the major players were present including Microsoft, Bloomberg, IBM, Siemens... the list goes on. Continue reading →

EE Zepler Prize

EE Zepler Prize Wow, incredible, amazing – I’m simply stunned. I’ve just been told I have won the EE Zepler Prize for achieving the top mark of all the students on my course last year! I can’t believe it! I knew I had done well and got good marks, but I had no idea how I compared to anyone else, so to discover this now, well, I’m actually speechless... ...Fast forward a few days and there was an informal prize-giving ceremony for all the winners across all ECS courses and years. Continue reading →

Procrastination and Distractions are Still Apparent

The temptation of distraction that I had whilst studying at college seems to have carried over to university quite well. There is always this massive urge to do anything but homework; my head even makes it seem that tidying my room is better. Which is a lie. I just need to be more strict with myself, he says, whilst sitting in his room, writing his blog and listening to house music... Continue reading →

My First Two-Cents

To this day, it's been three weeks since Computer Science has officially started, and I'm liking it. The programming labs are suitable for everyone of all abilities, even for Java Junkies like myself, there are additional tasks which stretch your abilities. Of course there are also easier tasks for the complete newbie. My last lab session involved me programming a virtual ATM. The basic task was to write a program which does a few very simple sums to deposit or withdraw money. Continue reading →


It's almost an unwritten code of conduct that most blogs need to start with a variety of quotes, such as: "I cannot believe it has been almost three weeks!" or "It's been really crazy*, but really fun!" or even some sort of nerdy programming quote that only people who are Computer Scientists would actually get. If I was writing one of these nerdy jokes to introduce my first blog post, then it would probably be based on some sort of "POST http/1.1" reference. Continue reading →

The Arrival of the End

The Arrival of the End It has been a while since I last visited these here pages with an account of the adventures I have experienced as an MSc student in ECS. Now I find these adventures have come to end, brought about by the end of my oh so important dissertation. For those of you that don’t know, the dissertation is the super-project that separates the MSc from a normal undergraduate degree. Continue reading →

Back Again

A month of summer to go, and I'm back in Southampton. My time away has been eventful (in parts), but there's something irreplaceable about walking down Portswood Road in my trampling-the-unworthy boots and just thinking, "I'm back". Said beloved boots have been a little neglected while I've been away. Continue reading →