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Sun Was Shining in Full Splendour

Greetings...Hello Hi....I am baaaaaack! It has been a long time since I posted my previous blog. Well I don’t want to make excuses but I was in trouble, a big trouble ......(BTW, my colleague from my previous job called me a ‘trouble’...:P) It was a pleasant day; there was fresh & sweet breeze blowing, sun was shining in full splendour, there were birds singing songs and we were walking towards a pub, located just behind the university. ....Hmm...somewhat romantic ya....:).... Continue reading →

You know you’re an engineer when: You start to lose your audience…

You know you’re an engineer when: You start to lose your audience... I was at home in Marlborough the other weekend, while the country was still being inundated by snow. We were enjoying Second Christmas, a hobbit-esque celebration invented so we could celebrate Christmas as a family; my brother, Will, having returned from New Zealand that week. We were sitting round the table before supper and I took out my new smartphone to send a text message. Continue reading →

Credit Crunch

Overhyped by the media or not, there can now be no denying that we are in the midst of a financial crisis, or ‘credit crunch’ to use the term in vogue. I witnessed this for myself yesterday. You may remember me posting in my second blog way back in October (or if you don’t, scroll down a bit!) that the University’s Science and Engineering Careers Fair was awash with placement opportunities, even for us as first years. Continue reading →

The Presentation Was a Relief To Complete

It has been an interesting couple of weeks which have just followed the Christmas break. The lectures have generally been in a relaxed style, but there has been a noticeable tension with the approach of exams. Thrown into the mix have been the remaining Maths module tests, which form the Engineering Mathematics for Computer Science coursework, and a presentation to make on the viability of Open Source software. Continue reading →

A Very Fiendish Technical Report

Merry Christmas Everyone! With my last lectures of term out of the way this morning I’m now truly free to join in with the Christmas spirit! We have Slade blaring away in the background and I’m about to wrap presents for my flat’s party tonight. We’re hopefully going ice-skating in the town centre this afternoon too, which I’m really looking forward to! Fast forward to tomorrow and I’ll be back enjoying the creature comforts of home, though I’m going to really miss being here. Continue reading →

Time Flies

Next week will be the last week of term before the Christmas Break. It's amazing how fast the time has flown by and also how much seems to have been packed into such a short space of time. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into a few of the forthcoming subjects. Last Friday, I attended a lecture on Computer Systems and Applications where a brief overview of AI was presented. Continue reading →

MSc Kickstart Programme

Hey guys, I am back!!!! I am very sorry that I am being very lazy. To be honest, the reason for this laziness was mainly study. Well, I said mainly because I don?t want to blame my extra-curricular activities :) First, let's discuss exams. Second Semester exams were good. I started my preparation early and by the examination week, I was pretty much confident. So, the exams went very well and I was flying high when the results were announced. No my dear friend. Continue reading →

The Rover Project – A Technical Victory

Ok, so I guess it must be pretty clear now how bad I am at this… it’s been an obscene amount of time since I last sat down to write an entry for this blog, and I can’t really work out why. Of course, I’ve been very busy (how’s that for an original excuse). The Rover project took up most of my time at the beginning of the second semester – having finished our robot over a week early, we spent the rest of the allotted time tweaking it, and priming batteries for the final race. Continue reading →

What I Did This Summer: Part I

There was a long period over the summer where I didn't write a blog entry, and it all stems from what I spoke about in my June entry: my 9-month report! What happened was that I worked fairly heavily on it during June to get it completed for the end of the month. During this time my supervisor, Hugh, was off sick for a while, though from my perspective this let me knuckle down and really get some writing done. Continue reading →