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MSc Kickstart Programme

Hey guys, I am back!!!! I am very sorry that I am being very lazy. To be honest, the reason for this laziness was mainly study. Well, I said mainly because I don?t want to blame my extra-curricular activities :) First, let's discuss exams. Second Semester exams were good. I started my preparation early and by the examination week, I was pretty much confident. So, the exams went very well and I was flying high when the results were announced. No my dear friend. Continue reading →

Hurray! Exam results are out!

Hurray! Exam results are out! Well, I am very happy. I have been really tense all those three weeks after the exams. On the results day, I could hardly wait to get to university. I turned my laptop on as soon as I reached Portswood and kept it in sleep mode all the way. By the time students were getting off on the high campus bus stop, I had “resumed” it and connected to the Internet. Continue reading →

The Exams Story

The Exams Story Firstly, exams were tough. It is hard to find any MSc student (at least it's true for Software Engineering and Web Technology) who would disagree with this statement. However, having said that, I must remind you guys that we were told we need provide “sufficient evidence of background reading”. That’s where the real story begins! From my personal point of view, these exams were slightly different than those I had taken in my undergraduate study. Continue reading →

New Years Resolutions…

Happy New Year to all! Nope guys, I am not dumbing down. I know it started a month earlier but I was busy with exams and forgot to wish you. And for me, it has just started as I have taken my last paper :) We had a wonderful party to start this year. The year 2007 has significantly changed my life. It has put me back on track as I successfully resumed my long-awaited study. So far, I am very happy with my course and my university choice. Continue reading →

Exam Time!

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday You probably know that it is an emergency call and I hope you have only heard it in movies. Actually, it is the best way to describe the current situation! Yes, Exams - the hottest topic in university at the moment. Whether it's classroom, labs, library, halls, cafeteria, SUSU shops, sports centre, Uni-link buses, university road, bus-stops etc (don’t know about toilets), you see people talking about exams. Continue reading →

Southampton’s Ranking is going up!

Guys, grab a Times Higher Education Supplement copy. It is hot, interesting and it tells you something very good. Yeah, the University of Southampton is going up. Last year it was ranked 141. Now it is 80! It has taken a huge jump. And that’s a solid proof that the University is doing well. You may not be fond of ranking but I really count on them. Among the many unbiased opinions regarding the prestige of an institute, the ranking is a very good option. Continue reading →

Comedy is the Key to Learning

Unfortunately we are human beings! Learning at ECS is really fun. I love the way teachers use humour to reverse the class attitude, especially when we are bogged down into some horrible details. A couple of weeks ago, our lecturer was talking about WSDL and WS-Addressing. The topic got so complex that I started looking for my coffee to keep my eyes open. Other fellows were looking at the wall-clock and even the door! I was confused with the irony of the topic. These (WSDL etc. Continue reading →

Time is Always Against Us

“Time is always against us”. By Morpheus, in one of my favourite movies - Matrix-Reloaded). The beauty of the quote is – you can easily replace “us” with “students” and still enjoy it ;) I would never be able to understand why we are given such a “short-time” to complete our coursework ( e.g. “just” two weeks to write one-page table, three weeks to prepare a 15-slides presentation and a month to read 20-pages standard specification). Continue reading →