MSc Kickstart Programme

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Hey guys, I am back!!!! I am very sorry that I am being very lazy. To be honest, the reason for this laziness was mainly study. Well, I said mainly because I don?t want to blame my extra-curricular activities 🙂

First, let’s discuss exams. Second Semester exams were good. I started my preparation early and by the examination week, I was pretty much confident. So, the exams went very well and I was flying high when the results were announced. No my dear friend. I disagree with your definition of high. I was talking about the feeling of success!

I know it is late but I would like to welcome new ECS students. You have made a very good choice. I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

ECS, as I keep saying, is one of the best places to study electronics and computer science related subjects in the UK.

I hope you have had a good time with MSc KickStart programme. I loved it when I participated last year. You get a good know-how about course and the whereabouts of the university and the city in a very short time. I don’t know if they took you to that ferryboat trip in the end but they took us around the Soton waters last year. Yeah, do ask them again if they didn?t!!!

I came to know about another MSc blogger, Aaron Joseph, and I am very happy that we got a *pure* MSc blogger this year. Well, as per the ‘Alamitannica’ MEng, is not MSc. Don’t worry about this resource. You are not going to find it anywhere!

I am very hopeful that Aaron will regularly share his study experience at ECS.

And yeah, thanks for all those people who like my blogs. Your appreciation forces me to take some time out from my *busy* life to do something useful. I have a wonderful idea of writing about some topics that can be very useful for MSc students. As a matter of fact, the ECS website is full of information and ECS people are very kind to help you out if you ever need it.

However, I feel that MSc students have less time compared to undergraduate and PhDs because courses are intensive. So, I would like to tell you a few things in anticipation which you might encounter while studying. So hang on a few days and I will be back!

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