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ECSS After Exams Social

I write this, my first blog entry, in the wake of the ECSS After Exams Social. I think I speak for all the second year Computer Scientists (and I suspect all ECS students in general) when I say that this semester has been a lot of hard work, and it's always nice to get out of it for a bit and see everyone in a location other than Zepler Labs for a change! As much as I've been working this semester, it has still been a really good few months for me, for a number of reasons. Continue reading →

The Weather is Getting Colder

Hello, my dear readers! Happy to see you all again! The weather is getting colder, but my life as an ECS student keeps my world warm and bright. Hopefully this blog is helpful and it could convey some warmth to you.:) Modules I have 7 modules in the first semester, four of which will have final exams in January. They are Circuit Theory, Logic Circuit Design, Solid State Electronics and Self-study Math. Continue reading →

A year late…

Almost a year since my previous blog post so I will fill you in with what has been going on in my life! Last year shortly after my blog post I successfully applied for a position at Buckle Consulting, a local web design company close to campus. The job was ideal: web design being a familiar area to me, course related, part-time and working from home. Continue reading →

Time to face week number five!

Week number four is dying; week number five is showing its face. If I think about it, I’ve only just started my degree; but I am already well submerged into it. Things get more interesting by the minute, lectures become more complex, coursework and tests become an everyday matter. For some reason, even if at times I can feel a bit desperate, it seems that it’s a good ‘stressed out’ feeling. Continue reading →

Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation

Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation Repeating something three times is a method to emphasis heavily à la mode of Tony Blair's 1996 conference speech. Evaluation is very much at the core of the project. It is all about user requirements and fitting them not only well, but very well. In a typical application, one focuses on functional requirements and does the best to fit the non-functional requirements first. Continue reading →


Introductions. I’ve probably done more introductions in my first week at Southampton than I’ve done in my life, and frankly, they’re not getting any more interesting. Hi! I’m Yusra, embarking on my four-year electronic-engineering ‘journey’ at ECS. (Also, now is a good time to warn you that this entry will probably be long). Normally, I hate beginnings, starting new sounds a lot better on paper than it really is. Continue reading →

Fourth Year…

So here I am at the start of four years in Southampton. And the first week and a half have been more eventful than I could have thought. Living in halls is a great experience, and the best part is being completely self-sufficient. Before coming here I had never done my own washing (Mum’s job), cooked for myself properly (Mum’s job), or had to think about money so much (also Mum’s job). Continue reading →

Exams II

Exams II To imply that this is a direct sequel[1] to the last blog post would not be technically accurate. It is more of a loose connection since this is the post-exam blog post, while the previous one was a pre-exam blog post. But there's no need to be pedantic.[3] I guess what I should be saying is: "Exams are over, hurrah." Yes, it is true, the examinations are over. Continue reading →

Exams – Its That Time Again

Exams (1) Is it that time again?[1] Examinations are the bane of the course. A sheet of paper containing questions that we do not know, and we have to be prepared for almost every possibility[2]. But that's almost constant for any form of academic training, whether down to Java Certification[3], all the way up to the last examinations of General Certificates of Education, and of course, university. Continue reading →