Exams II

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Exams II

To imply that this is a direct sequel[1] to the last blog post would not be technically accurate. It is more of a loose connection since this is the post-exam blog post, while the previous one was a pre-exam blog post. But there’s no need to be pedantic.[3]

I guess what I should be saying is: “Exams are over, hurrah.”

Yes, it is true, the examinations are over. Do I hear doubt in your hypothetical voice? No, for I stand before you, none worse for wear[4], having completed my exams, most short of blood, and emotionally disturbed. That’s pretty standard for exam periods actually, you have to get used to it.[6]

What did I learn? I mean, apart from all that stuff that I learnt for the exams. I learnt that revision is good, eating is important, and the human mind has a remarkable ability for procrastination. Never before have I wasted so much time on such frivolous pursuits, such as the application of inductive reasoning to mental memes, or planning a party.[7]

And yet it was a pleasant crazy time, which could also be said for my entire year. I guess since, for us, term time is over, I am, in practical purposes, no longer a first year.

The second year, I am told, is extremely hard.[9] I am told the third year is even harder.[10]

Yet, as surely as the sun rises, and that people make repetitive metaphors about the sun rising, the second year will no doubt be much like the first, with a large amount of work, surrounded by an engaging body of peers. I hope that during the summer I will come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running[12].

Then again, I could lose my glasses, and stumble around for three months practically blind, and it would /still/ be better than losing them during an exam week.

[1] Disclaimer: This is not intended in anyway to be a Structured Query Language pun. However, some may interpret it in this way, and for this I apologise.[2]
[2] Not really.
[3] In the body of the blog post. Of course, in these footnotes I can be idle and pointless as I like, sometimes requiring to read the body of the post in order to understand the context of the footnote.
[4] Apart from the ways where I /am/[5] worse for the wear.
[5] This is not a regular expression, or more accurately it is, intending to only match the meaning of the word ‘am’. I guess it should be technically /^am$/ if I was being pedantic. Regular expressions are actually incredibly powerful, provided you understand them, otherwise they are a haze of meaningless symbols. Actually, that’s pretty much true for all of computer science.
[6] I /should/ clarify that all my blood donations seem to be during exam periods, and that exams, being high stress events, tend to trigger slightly more vigorous[11] mental states. I am assured that this is completely normal.
[7] Those who know me personally can probably already paraphrase that: there was going to be a big party, that all my friends were invited to. I even invited my best friend, but he was otherwise indisposed[8], and of course, I don’t have any other friends because of my brash demeanour. It is written down in some form of document, along with comments regarding my parents. That’s somewhat amusing.
[9] By second years.
[10] By third years.
[11] This footnote intentionally left blank.
[12] And no doubt spit out even more clichés in these blog posts, you poor poor reader.

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