A year late…

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Almost a year since my previous blog post so I will fill you in with what has been going on in my life!

Last year shortly after my blog post I successfully applied for a position at Buckle Consulting, a local web design company close to campus. The job was ideal: web design being a familiar area to me, course related, part-time and working from home. I have recently finished my employment at Buckle Consulting to focus on my third year project (COMP3020), which is slowly consuming my free time.

I helped out the ECS UCAS tours through the winter and spring and will be doing the same again this year, so if you’re reading this I may well be showing you round!

In terms of the third year course, the workload has again increased with a gradual transition to the majority of the work being self-motivated. This year we were allowed to select the modules we wish to study (minus a compulsory Management module as I’m studying the MEng Software Engineering course).

I decided to take Scripting Languages (COMP3001) which focuses on three languages: Perl, Python and Javascript. The coursework for this module is a group project to produce ‘something’, which uses all three languages. The Python side has been my focus so far and is to be run from the Google App Engine, so I’ve enjoyed learning about that.

I’m also studying E-Business Techniques (COMP3018) and Security & Information Technology (INFO3005), which are both interesting modules in their own merit.

I’m also attempting to gain a Graduate Passport this year, which involves building up 200 points from a range of activities in extra-curricular activities. The Graduate Passport scheme is something definitely worth considering when joining the University and over three years 200 points worth of activities should be a doddle to attain.

I think that brings me roughly up to date so I will leave it at that for now.

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