Time to face week number five!

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Week number four is dying; week number five is showing its face.

If I think about it, I’ve only just started my degree; but I am already well submerged into it. Things get more interesting by the minute, lectures become more complex, coursework and tests become an everyday matter. For some reason, even if at times I can feel a bit desperate, it seems that it’s a good ‘stressed out’ feeling. Sometimes I stay up late finishing some work, most days of the week I wake up earlier than I would like to; but the feeling of satisfaction is always there.

Lots of interesting things happen on campus every day, many interesting persons walking around as well. Tons of things to learn every day.

Not too long ago, maybe last week, I heard something that stayed in my head, something to repeat. An ECS legend, the one with a big smile, said something like: “Employers have told me that they prefer ECS graduates over graduates coming from some higher ranked universities because ECS graduates fight the computer until it does the job, they shake it, stretch it and turn it around until it does what it’s supposed to do; and that is a very important skill in this business, to get the job done.” This makes me feel proud of where I am studying and reinforces my choice of university. That one is a very important skill to have. At this point I already see it happening with me, from day one we face the computers one to one, we are encouraged to try different operating systems, especially the ones we are not familiar with; and we must get the job done. We must point towards the unknown and pick the most difficult task. Ask, read, look it up online, turn the machine off and on again, do whatever you want (or can), but get the job done. There’s always a person around to give you a hand.

Learning to code is very important in this degree, and as we must start somewhere, they picked Java. So from the very beginning we are asked to develop a good relationship with that particular language. So far we get along quite well me and her (Java), although I have to say that is not a simple task. Java is not easy to deal with. Java is obsessed with organization; Java is obsessed with being methodical; Java can have many objects, but sometimes she doesn’t like to share; Java is also obsessed with grammar, spelling and punctuation…

Java has O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive behaviour)! She should visit the psychology department.

By the way, since the last blog, I managed to code a media station (tv, dvd player, dvd’s) and a calculator that will print any multiplication table up to twenty, then it adds consecutive integers until the result is bigger than five hundred; and this particular calculator will at last create a kennel of dogs and make them bark in a different way depending on their size. Interesting calculator, isn’t it??

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