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It’s cold in here!

Mountbatten down the hatches - it's cold in here! I'll admit it, the title's cheesy, but it was necessary. With temperatures below freezing much of the time, and snow and ice everywhere, it was a miracle that everyone made it to lectures over the past few days - but they did! Glen Eyre Road was more like Glen Eyre Ski Slope, and campus more like Southampton Ice Rink, but I think everyone enjoyed it all the same. Continue reading →

December crept up on us…

Already December! This term has just absolutely flown by. Christmas is a time to be spent with family, and I will be doing very little work over the holidays. Unfortunately, the lecturers believe this is the perfect time for courseworks. This means whatever I don't get done before the holidays, will have to be done when I get back! Going to be a rough beginning to the New Year! On another note, the modules are all going well. Continue reading →

#4 Results and Houses

#4 - Results and Houses I got my results just over a week ago. I got a 2:ii. I expected as much, though. Let down by Formal Methods, yet I did insanely well in Software Engineering somehow. In much more interesting news, I have now moved into my new house and all I can say is that this is awesome. I love this house. It’s brilliant. I still haven’t entirely unpacked, but I am most of the way there now. Continue reading →

#3 – End of year 1

#3 - End of year 1 So my first year is officially over. I’ve finished all my exams, and now I have nothing academic to do until September or October. It’s a weird feeling, having nothing to do, though I’ve not really got nothing to do. I have to look for a job, I have to pack my life into boxes to move into my new house, and I have to sort out transferring bills and everything into my name for when that happens. But for now, I can just reminisce about my first year. I loved it. Continue reading →

UMAP 2009 Day 1

I'm in Trento, Italy for the second conference of my academic career: UMAP (User Modelling And Personalisation) 2009. The first was back in November at DIGITEL 2008, in Banff, Canada, but someone convinced me not to take my laptop and typing a blog entry on my phone was too much hard work!! Conferences are an important part of the research world, as they are where academics present their work to their peers and receive feedback. Continue reading →

One Year Down….

Well, that's it! It's the end of my first year at Southampton University and boy has time flown by. I can't believe that this time last year I was still revising hard for the last of my A-level exams and yet now Part I is all over. My final exam was last Tuesday and overall I was very pleased with how they went. Continue reading →

Group Revision

At last, the end is in sight. Three exams have been beaten back, leaving just maths skulking in the corner, hissing menacingly. Come Tuesday, one of us will be a gibbering wreck. For now, I've got two more days to sharpen my lance and work out what in the name of engineering is up with the Laurant expansion. Maybe I should get the dream-team to explain it to me. On my course, we decided a while back that exams were a beast best conquered as a group. Continue reading →

Deadlines are quite fantastic things…

Deadlines are really quite fantastic thing, for simple dates, they have an almost otherworldly power over the actions of humans. Truly in the world of times, deadlines are the kings, emperors, shahs and rajahs. A group of normally calm rational people could be going about their lives as they generally do, when suddenly a deadline raises its head and anarchy breaks loose. Suddenly these rational people start panicking, a lot. Normally diurnal people become nocturnal or even both. Continue reading →

Getting Ready for the Exam Period

I'm writing this in the middle of the Easter break. The draft timetable has come out and suddenly it's evident that the end of the academic year is approaching quick. In fact, I needed to remind myself it was April. The exam period begins at the end of May. As with all exam periods, this could be a little stressful, so I intend on getting the work in over Easter and hopefully not finish the term in a mad rush. Campus is relatively quiet as you would expect. Continue reading →