Exams Schedule Puts Killer Subjects Last

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Exams. It’s the time when you start reassuring your parents that you will ace them because you’ve been working hard all this while. *cough*

One thing that amazes me is how my exam schedule would always put my killer subjects last. My schedule would start off with relatively easier papers first before building up to a somewhat climatic ending. And strangely enough, the last few papers would have at least a 2-day gap before them, giving me ample time to do any last-minute revision. I like this pattern more because if my harder subjects were moved up, I would just lose momentum towards the end. I mean how do they do that? Surely they couldn’t foresee which subjects are more difficult for everyone because what I find hard might not be the case for other people. And yet I’ve been having the same schedule pattern since Semester 1 😀

What amazes me more is how much tidier my room is than it ever was before the exams. The things I do to escape my revision. *sigh*

In ECS, you’ll be hard-pressed to find people who wouldn’t help you with anything, be it coursework or revision. We’re blessed with terrific bright minds who wouldn’t mind giving assistance. But what’s really rare is to find someone who isn’t “kedekut ilmu”, a Malay saying which means being selfish by keeping knowledge to themselves. Some people have a condescending attitude when helping people. They think they’re better than everybody else and you won’t get anywhere close to being as good as they are. It’s every man for himself.

But I was proven wrong. I couldn’t have done one of the courseworks if it wasn’t for my classmate who had become my living reference manual. When we received our marks, we both scored As but my mark was marginally higher than his. I felt it was unfair for this to happen but he just said:

“Pfft. I don’t care about the marks. All I care about is getting a 1st.”

He’s totally right. This isn’t a race. In the end, even if everyone around you got firsts, what’s there to harm you? He showed me what it really means to help people without being self-centred. I’ll always remember that, especially right now in the middle of the exams when you’re more likely to seek and receive help from each other.

Good luck for your exams everyone! 🙂

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