Banana Bread for Helpdesk

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I hope Helpdesk liked the banana bread

Is it that time already? That was a rhetorical question, since my netbook informs me that it is the 10th of December, so bar ntp turning around and betraying me, I will assume that it is the correct date.

At the cost of putting more pennies into the blogger’s cliché jar, this term has been incredibly quick and event packed. Tremble at the blank period that was Fresher’s Week, quiver in fear of the awesome coursework deadlines, wobble-in-a-nervous-manner at being a sensible-mature-young-adult! Such an earth-shattering display of sheer unadulterated student-ing.

I learned multiple things in the past months, and not just the stuff on my syllabus.

University has some things you expected, but quite a lot that will surprise you. For example, there are lots of people here. It’s difficult to explain in words, probably in the same way that photographs cannot convey the incredible scale and expanse of a spectacular mountain range. That metaphor should give you an idea though.

However, you are a proper adult now. There are no parents to cook, or clean, although phones exist specifically to ensure that they WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. And also to ask recipes for cheese cake.

There are geeks/nerds/foo in Computer Science, there are also, gasp[1], normal people. I say normal. They are doing Computer Science, which places them a step above, or below, depending on your views, the rest of humanity.

Finally, if you find yourself completely unable to sleep, despite staring at the ceiling for hours, why not write, say, a blog post, or bake a cake for Helpdesk? Not that I’ve done either of these things, while sleep deprived, of course.

— Thursday Dec 10, 1:43am

(Footnote: A singular one this week. Lucky you.)
[1] This gasp is sarcastic. I think…

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