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Topic 4 2016

Topic 4 Reflection

This week’s topic looked at ethical issues & social media. With such a wide range of responses this really opened my eyes to the unethical practices of some businesses. Haley’s post raised an important issue of misleading advertising to increase sales & gain more recognition. As Ellie also admits, many people will read reviews before they buy things or look to people who recommend products, but this becomes an issue when it is fake or paid advertising. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Reflections

This week, we were given the task of exploring the ethical issues that arise through business or educational use of social media. This topic triggered a broad range of topics to be discussed by fellow #UOSM2008 students, however my post focused on the issue of digital footprints that accumulate from using social media in education. I thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic and reading the different perspectives that everyone had explored. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Summary

In the choice of topic this week, I chose to write a blog post on the digital divide. This is an important topic for me that I feel is a very important issue today. As I mentioned, the digital divide describes the difference in access or use of the Internet; such as phycsial access disparity between countries, or the difference in ability to effectively use the resources to complete a goal. Continue reading →

Topic 4 reflection

After the last topic, where we discussed the importance of an authentic online presence, this week, the focus was on the ethical use of social media. It is crucial to not only be authentic but also to be ethical online for both individual users and businesses. Day by day, we bump into several issues raised from our online presence such as data stealing with lack of consent. It was interesting to see that a lot of us wrote about issues of the business use of social media, including myself. Continue reading →

Topic 4 Reflection

The digital divide, endorsement ethics, cyber-bulling, and online security are just some of the many areas looked into this week in Topic 4. Given the topic brief, I decided to look into the world of trolling, cyber-bullying and online abuse in business. I chose this area because as a viewer of blogs and YouTube videos, the sheer amount of abuse and trolling I see on the web is staggering. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 4

This has been my favourite #UOSM2008 topic by far, because of the vast variety of issues discussed in each blog. All of our posts resonate with the same standards, and by evaluating our ideas through research we’ve come to a few overall understandings. I focused on the educational use of social media, with special attention to student codes of conduct and free speech; ideas I had brought to light from the beginning of #UOSM2008 (see Intro, topic 2). Continue reading →

Topic 4: Reflection

I feel like this post has brought a lot of internet users together to almost raise awareness about the current ethical issues concerning social media in education and business today. It was very interesting to see how different were the choices, but yet how significant all of them were. One of the most important, to me personally, issues if the digital divide issue and it was pleasant to see how many have discussed it and elaborated on potential solutions. Continue reading →

Reflection on Ethical Issues

Topic 4  has come to an end and I have learnt many new issues that surround the use of social media in different situations. I decided to explore the topic of the digital divide in my blog. I have been acquainted to term quite often, however thinking about how digital age changing and learning about more things through #UOSM2008. I was ever more intrigued in this issue. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Reflection

There are many ethical issues raised by the educational use of social media. Unlike previous topics, this week saw a diverse range of different issues within this theme and I thought this made it particularly thought provoking. Shriya’s post highlighted the significant repercussions that occur as a result of students posting inappropriately on social media, against their right to freedom of speech. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Reflective Summary

It was really interesting this week to see such a range of ethical issues picked up upon and how many different ideas people had. Tom picked up on an issue which linked really nicely with topics from previous weeks, especially topic 3 and having a professional identity online. In the previous topic, there was the suggestion that the easiest way to keep online identities ‘safe for work’ is to keep everything online about you professional. Continue reading →

Topic 4 Reflection

Of all the UOSM2008 topics we’ve covered I have to admit this is the one I struggled with the most. The topic itself was so broad it was hard to choose which ethical issue I wanted to focus on. I focused my post on the concept of almost “too much free speech” and how this can lead to cyberbulling among school children. Shirya’s post added another element to my opinion that I had yet to consider. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Reflection

Source: The World Street Journal This week topic was peculiar as it allows every student to independently choose which issue they thought was the most able to be brought by an educational or a business use of social media. Hence, the blogs were centred on a range of topics. I argued in my blog that a business use of social media was seriously putting at risk a company’s entitlement to integrity. Continue reading →

Topic 4 Reflection

Unlike in the previous topics, this one was very broad with people choosing from a whole range of topics. Personally I chose to focus on social media plagiarism. This topic I feel can be summed up with a gif I found on twitter. .@EarthBeauties @WAKEUPPEOPL3 — PicPedant (@PicPedant) April 27, 2016 It shows the number of different accounts tweeting exactly the same photo with exactly the same caption. Continue reading →

Reflection on “The Digital Divide”

This week’s topic was extremely broad and related to social media ethics, from where I chose to focus my discussion on the digital divide. I had come across the concept of the digital divide before in my studies; however, I was intrigued to look further into its effect on the use of social media in education or business. This is such a significant and continuous ethical issue today. Continue reading →

Topic 4. Summary

When I started researching for topic 4, I could only think about a few ethical issues relating to the use of social media in business and education that are also relevant to other uses of social media. Reading of my peers’ posts helped me realise that the range of issues in these two areas is much broader. They extend from legal implications to social and cultural factors. Continue reading →

TOPIC 4: Reflection

Topic 4 was very diverse in terms of the variety of ethical issues addressed, even though I focussed on ethical issues associated with authenticity of voice in social media use for education, I learnt a lot from others. There were a few posts on the digital divide, I commented on Shaheer’s blog, where I reflected on the divide in more developing countries such as the UK, and the implications for the employment world here. Continue reading →