Summary of UOSM2008

I must admit, I didn’t really see how much this module would help before I started it. However, as the weeks came and went with a blog post to follow them, I started to see how much a professional profile and an active online identity can help me once I start to finish my time at University. Although I’m an IT student, I didn’t really have much of an online identity or even a presence, where I would not have anything personal online other than a Facebook profile. Continue reading →

Topic 6 – Reflections

  UOSM2008 has been a very rewarding, challenging and eye-opening module.  It was a welcomed change from English Literature, and I not only acquired valuable digital literacy skills  but an online identity which will undoubtedly assist future employment prospects. My additional reflections have been collected in a PowToon below:   My Twitter, LinkedIn and pages can be found here, or on the widget on my homepage. Continue reading →

Topic 6: I’m now a Statistic and other discoveries from UOSM2008…

I created the video below to highlight the key points that this Module has taught me, but 45 seconds simply wasn’t enough time to cover everything, and so below is a ‘proper’ post to make sure that I haven’t missed anything important! Prior to participating in this Module I had only ever completed ‘traditional’ modules, which focussed around weekly lectures, essays and assignments. After 3 years of this format, I found the remote teaching and the bi-weekly topics hugely refreshing. Continue reading →

The Final Wrap Up

It is the final UOSM 2008 blog post and I have created a Prezi to summarise the experience and lessons learnt. It may be the last post for living and working on the web but most definitely not the last blog post ever. Blogging now feels like something I should have been doing since the start of University and I thoroughly regret only beginning in my third year. I haven’t really chosen a future focus but I have no doubt that won’t be a difficult task. Continue reading →

My Farewells: Final Reflection

The title for this module is certainly no hoax, as I have indeed been living and working on the web. The journey has been a great one, allowing me to learn so much about the digital world. All five topics required me to research concepts and ideologies beyond my own experiences and scope. However of course within this blog platform, I’ve been able to express my views freely and exercise my creativity skills. Continue reading →

Topic 6: Is This It?

Though this module has come to an end, I will continue to ‘Live and Work on the Web’ In signing up to this module, I hoped to develop my understanding of the social aspects of the web and how this could benefit me as I move on from University. Initially, I was hesitant to move away from my anonymous online status. Yet, with each week and each new topic, I found myself getting more involved – I was Tweeting and using new and creative media to engage my readers. Continue reading →

T6: Final Summary

By the time you reach the end of this post, you will know more about me than it’s said on my about me page. When I first started blogging, I wasn’t completely aware of how much value my online identity held in order to expose me to rest of the world. Every activity we carry out using technology, leaves a mark behind, a digital footprint. Continue reading →