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Topic 2 2016

Topic 2: A reflective summary

This topic was interesting as there are many opinions & examples of the pros & cons of multiple identities. I often have different identities when it comes to the name of my online profiles (Eg Miss CEO) however my reasons contrast the assumptions that are made about this. As explained in my comment onĀ Kemi’sĀ blog, my name is often easy to find in a single search because it is so rare. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Online identity Reflection

I believe the topic of Online identity was one I could fully understand and relate too because of my frequent use of social media. It has also has become a very current topic due to the employability issues related to online identity. After reviewing the pros and cons of whether to have multiple online identities or just one, I have come to the conclusion that it may be more effective, time-efficent and professional to just have the one. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 2

This week’s topic has helped me to think about online identity in ways I hadn’t before. First of all, it got me thinking about my own online identity. In my previous post, I mentioned that I have multiple online identities that could be split up into personal, very personal, and professional – and in a comment, someone asked me to elaborate on this. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflective Summary

It was refreshing to note that other people echoed the same sentiment as myself with regards to multiple onlineĀ identities as being authentic and a single identity inauthentic. In Hannah Press‘s blog, she reinforced my initial thoughts thatĀ multiple online personas reflectĀ everyday life in the sense that we alterĀ elements of our personalities to be appropriate forĀ the situationsĀ that we find ourselves in. Continue reading →

Reflection on ā€œManaging Your Online Identityā€

I was proposed with the topic of managing your online identity and asked to discuss the arguments for and against having more than one. I have always been an avid user of many social media websites, however the thought never occurred to me that I might be portraying different identities on each unconsciously. Therefore, I really enjoyed reading more into the subject and reading other peopleā€™s perspectives. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection

This week’s topic presentedĀ another wide range of interesting and insightful posts and it was great again to see what thingsĀ different people talked about in relation to the topic of online identity. ‘Online identity’ covers such a wide range of things that it was difficult to talk about it all in such a small amount of words, something that others such as Shriya discussed too in her reflection of this topic. Continue reading →

Reflecting on Topic 2

On the topic of managing online identities, I feel that I had a basic grasp on the subject to begin with. As I have been a regular user of several different types of social media, I have plenty of partial identities myself, and this basic knowledge gave me a good starting point to help me broaden my horizons. Ellie’s commentĀ brings about some interesting points that made me think a little more about the topic. Continue reading →

A look back at Topic 2

Topic 2 has told me that one of the most significant reasons that supports the use of multiple online identities is that it presents you with the ability to be selective in how you appear in different online contexts. Both HollyĀ and Richard’sĀ posts stated that an advantage of this is that it allows you to achieve more control over your professional appearance. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflections

Overview As a society, we are increasingly putting more information about ourselves online meaning that our online identities plays an important role in our everyday lives. This is particularly the case for those that demonstrate ā€˜digital residentā€™[1]Ā traits as their increased online activities would cause their online identity to become more valuable. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflecion

Topic 2 was all about managing our online identity. Personally, as I’ve mentioned I have one identity that I present online which reflects my real identity. This is because I agree with some readings regarding the linkage between your online identity and your real identity. I feel that they both intertwine and this is something that people should focus on instead of multiple online identities. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 2

Reflective Pond, Marriotts Phuket, Thailand Trying to condense my post for topic 2 down to 400 words was a near impossible task. What Iā€™ve read over the past few days has been very insightful and interesting. I had already naĆÆvely written about my take on online identities; at first I thought this would complicate things for me, but then I tried to use it to my advantage. When thinking about this topic, one always thinks of the perils ā€“ Catfishing, identity theft and trolling. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection

When beginning this topic, I had some previous knowledge regarding online identities. I, myself, have been using different forms of social media for several years now and know the importance of portraying myself differently among different platforms to suit the purpose. However, I had never seen the other side of the argument before this topic in such depth and this has helped create new insights for me. Continue reading →

Multiple Multiple Online Identities. A Reflection.

Just over a week ago I wrote about how and why some people may choose to maintain multiple identities. I knew that it was not uncommon for people to maintain different online identities, but it was not something I had ever done (or really considered) so I was fascinated to learn about other people’s experiences. I liked how Ellis spokeĀ quite frankly at the end of her blog post about how she maintains multiple identities. Continue reading →

My Reflection about the Perils of Numerous Online Identities

I found this topic really intellectually stimulating because Iā€™ve only thought about it in a black-and-white way before.Ā  Finding readings to evaluate made me more informed, however on a sub-conscious level I probably gravitated towards those I agreed with.Ā  I realised what a valuable learning curve reading othersā€™ blogs to comment on is because it actively challenges my thoughts, especially when those viewpoints are evidenced. Continue reading →

Reflecting on Online Identities

I was previously familiar with the subject of online identities through managing my own. I approached the topic with an argument for multiple online identities, however engaging with my peers broadened my perspective on how many online personas we should have. Holly’sĀ post, especially the introduction and her use of the personas profile, explored the advantages of a single online identity. Continue reading →

Topic 2 reflection

Another topic has arrived to an end. It’s so amazing to see how different people can have a completely different understanding or approach on analysing the same topic. Given the topic: managing our online identity with either one or multiple identities, I have read so many different perspectives from how it can influence mental health to how dangerous it can be for our personal lives such as identity theft, just to mention one. I have to highlight Sam Horstcraft‘sĀ post. Continue reading →