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Topic 6? Farewell UOSM2008

Coming from an Economics degree Living and Working on the Web was certainly different from my other modules. Being primarily online and being given creative control I have been able to successfully learn and research new topics completely out of my comfort zone. This has enabled me to develop not only my digital skills but also widen my understanding of the digital world. Continue reading →

The Final Reflection

As a Curriculum Innovation module, I wasn’t sure what to expect from UOSM2008. Whilst I considered myself to be a fairly experienced ‘digital resident’ before the module, I was keen learn more about the web as a tool for both personal and professional development. Self-Test: Then and Now Figure 1. Self-Test Results (self-produced via Piktochart) My Learning Journey The experience of creating and maintaining a blog was challenging, yet rewarding. Continue reading →

To New Beginnings… As explained in my introduction, I decided to join UOSM2008 because I always had an interest in starting a blog, so I was optimistic about the skills I would learn and how I could use them to better my professional identity, and in the future make a name for myself online. I was blindly stepping into a module that would drastically help my tech beginner, naïve self. I had no knowledge of the online world beyond social media and funny cat videos. Continue reading →

Digital Profile Development

As an IT practitioner, I entered #UOSM2008 with a strong understanding of distributed systems and how the Internet is evolving into a ‘Web 2.0’ user generated content model. I saw the necessity to understand how to use information systems as a content platform. Progression of my digital profile Throughout the module I have always taken a critical approach. Continue reading →

My digital inception

Going back to my very first blog post I was struck by the opening quote: The nature of knowledge is changing and, in this digital age, our definition of basic literacy urgently needs expanding (Knight, 2011). At the start of ‘Living and Working on the Web’ I felt I was lacking the knowledge to make the most of the wealth of digital tools and online networks on offer. Continue reading →

Final thoughts for Living and Working on the Web

Created using Canva With Living and Working on the Web now over, what can I say I have achieved? By researching the topics over the course of UOSM2008; presenting this information and discussing it online with others, I have gained a much better appreciation on how I use the internet and how I portray myself to others. My favourite topic being Topic 4, since my mum works in a primary school it seemed appropriate to research an area which could benefit the young children that she works. Continue reading →

UOSM2008 – The Final Blogpost

Over the course of this module I have considered a variety of aspects of the online world, including Digital Residents and Visitors (Reflection), Online Identity (Reflection), Authentic Professional Profiles (Reflection), Ethics on Social Media (Reflection) and Open Access (Reflection). For a comprehensive review of these subjects and what I have learned from them for future use, please enjoy the podcast below. Alternatively, read my previous posts which are linked to during this paragraph. Continue reading →

Farewell UOSM2008

When starting UOSM2008 I had no idea what to expect. I originally chose to do this module because I wanted to learn something new and test myself out of my comfort zone. And fortunately, this has turned out to be one of my favourite modules. I have learnt things that translate into real life not just university. Continue reading →

My Experience of UOSM2008

If truth be told, I believed I would experience more difficulties in completing this module than actually transpired. I expected to encounter difficulty when transitioning from academic writing to blog style. I believed that the creation of graphics would be time consuming and challenging. However, by topic 2, I enjoyed looking back at the material I had created. When being given the post deadline I believed that I would struggle to complete the work. Continue reading →

Farewell UOSM2008!

Looking back, I had the same skepticism that most students who take this module seem to have: I want to do something different but… where are the lectures, the exams, can I successfully blog? However, after reading their final module reflections, and constantly hearing ‘I was wrong’ and ‘I would recommend it’, I took their advice and the module and here I am with the same feedback: definitely worthwhile! In this final post, I reflect upon the development of my learning, my... Continue reading →

Shhh… Listen! Can You Hear The Sound Of My Final Reflection?

I decided to choose this module for three main reasons: I was intrigued by the approach in which the module was taught and structured It provided me with a general new experience This module can benefit many industries as the improvement of digital skill sets can be used for various career paths. I can honestly say that I am pleased of having chosen this module, as it successfully pushed me out of my comfort zone. Continue reading →

Topic 6: Final Reflections

What have I learnt? Over the course of the module I have engaged in many different areas of the digital world. The following video summarizes the key points I have picked up from each topic. Figure 1: Self made summary video using Stupeflix. Photo credits:;; Continue reading →

Final Reflections

Despite my apprehension at starting an online learning course, this module has quickly become one of the most inspiring and insightful modules. I have learnt about topics I had never previously even thought of and have had the opportunity to develop my digital skills and converse in online communities on interesting topics and issues. Below is a slideshow demonstrating the development of my digital profile, using the self test document as a base. Continue reading →

Goodbye UOSM2008!

Self test! After years of essay writing, UOSM2008 has been a welcomed and refreshing change. This module has provided me with the skills to confidently enter a 21st century workplace, and has also given me the confidence to blog, which is something I’ve never done before. I highlighted topic 3 as the one that spurred me into changing my online activities: I took inspiration from that weeks’ content and got to work on many of my online platforms… Firstly, LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin. Continue reading →

Was it all worth it?

Progression. For me that is what this module has been about; learning and developing my understanding of life online in many areas, and reflecting on how this impacts my own, especially my online identity. At the beginning of the module we were asked to fill out a self-test and then reflect back on it once all topics were completed. Continue reading →

Farewell UOSM2008

Personally, I would UOSM2008 has kick-started my online professional identity and provided myself with a specific set of skills I was unlikely to acquire through partaking any other course. My development can be shown through the self test which I have retaken, following the initial test at the start of this module. Continue reading →