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Topic 1 2017

Topic 3: Discuss the ways in which an authentic online professional profile can be developed

In this generation it’s imperative to be online, especially professionally. It opens up opportunities and experiences that can’t be replicated, for example networking internationally at extreme ease. In addition, in the current times as the shift turns from just recruiting to developing and initiating relationships (Anon,2014) if you aren’t online these relationships really are limited. Continue reading →

Topic 2 Reflection

I really embraced this week’s topic of the pros/cons of multiple identities as I myself was undecided how I felt regarding the topic of discussion. In reading numerous other blogs it allowed me to gauge other people’s opinions on the matter to better my personal opinion. From interacting with Andy’s blog. I was able to witness a first hand example of a want/need for differing identities. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Multiple Online Identities

Thinking back to Topic 1’s Digital Resident / Visitor spectrum, your position is likely to affect your understandings of online privacy and identities, the focus of this post. Increasingly, users of the web, especially those involved in the ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘network societies’, are acknowledging the importance of a digital and professional footprint,  online collaboration, and having an identity online. (Costa and Torres, 2011). Continue reading →

Topic 2- Multiple Identities?

  Sources: Pixaby  In this thriving digital age, individuals are judged hugely from their online identity. Comprising of all your online activity it provides a clear representation of one’s self. We well and truly have moved past the “on the internet, no one knows you’re a dog” ideology days of the past. When we operate online, we all leave behind a digital footprint. Continue reading →

Topic 1: A reflection

Before I had started this module I was quite nervous but excited to see what challenges I would be faced with, especially since I had never set up a blog before and have never been faced with writing about a topic with such a limited word count. Although in the beginning I had some difficulty with using WordPress, I do feel that with the drop-in sessions, I have the support from my tutors to improve my ways of being an ‘online resident’. Continue reading →

Reflection on Topic 1

After posting my thoughts on topic 1, I engaged with various other blogs which enhanced my understanding of the topic and allowed me to self-assess my own style of blogging. As I’m used to writing essays, I found writing informally difficult – or at least making the post more personal. I also struggled with staying within the word count. Continue reading →

Post reflection, model rejection

In my post ‘Why digital visitors and residents still misses the point’ I explain the concepts of the visitor resident continuum. However, I also challenge it’s practical applications and suggest why the idiosyncratic focus does not bring benefit to the digital community as a whole. Although not everybody agreed such as Wei, I did find strong support from others like Louise and Andrei. Continue reading →

Topic 1-Reflection

Upon starting the module I knew that I would be presented with a variety of new and interesting challenges.Firstly, the online format of the module is something entirely new to me and coupled with the inexperience I had at blogging it all seemed rather overwhelming initially.however, once I set up my blog and began to to explore the concepts of online systems I was opened up to a digital world that was both insightful and complex. Continue reading →

Topic 1 Reflection

WordPress was not a new programme for me having previously used the site to track and complement my A-Level Media Studies project. However, I found myself seeking support through online tech forums and reviewing past students’ blogs and posts. This week’s assigned topic covered digital issues that I had yet to explore in other university assignments. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection

Along with many others, this module is the first time that I have stepped into the world of blogging. With the first topic being our presence within the web, I felt it was a good way to be further introduced in my usage of it. Initially I thought that our presence on the web is quite binary, either being a resident or a visitor, however upon further reading I learnt that it was a lot more complex than that. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection

 After writing my first post for topic 1, I believed I had a solid understanding of the concept of digital visitors/residents. However, upon reflection, it seems that this debate is not quite so clear-cut. As it turns out, my hesitation stems not from the theory itself, but its practical application to real-life contexts. Judging by the posts and comments of my peers, I was not the only one struggling to pin-point where I fell on the visitor-resident continuum. Continue reading →

Topic 1-Reflection

During topic 1 I was asked to explain the concept of digital “visitors” and “residents” and in doing so I barely scraped the surface of such an in depth topic. I’ve realised the overestimation of my residency, and that the internet is more of a place than a tool as described by White (2015). I’ve not only learnt how to use a new platform, WordPress, but i have learnt how our use of the internet can put us into categories depending on our desires. Continue reading →

Topic 1 – Reflection

I am very grateful that Topic 1 was formally assessed as it allowed me to have a trial run with blogging. Having never written a blog before I personally found it very different to the academic style writing I’m used to submitting for University projects. This also allowed me to get to grips with how to use WordPress, for example learning how to include images and links and still make the whole blog post look presentable and nice! Figure 1 – http://b-metro. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection

I am very thankful that we were given a trail week for this module, as it allowed me to familiarise myself with WordPress. This week’s topics allowed everyone to find out and think about their own level of engagement with the internet. It was interesting to read other students thoughts of where they saw themselves on the spectrum between visitors and residents. Continue reading →

Topic 1 – Reflection

In my original post I considered the concept of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants and compared it to the concept of Digital Residents and Digital Visitors. I also briefly considered the importance and advantages of having such ideas about online usage from a web designer perspective, as it is greatly to the benefit of the users that sites are designed with their capabilities in mind. Continue reading →

Topic 1 – Reflection

Figure 1. Reflection WordCloud, Prior to writing my first post on WordPress, I learned how complex the digital world is, especially when it comes to why, when, where and how people engage with digital technology. By joining WordPress, I was able to access a new part of the digital world and use it to its full potential. I find it fascinating how this course combines both blogs and academia into one, something I have not experienced before. Continue reading →