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Topic 5 2017

Topic 5 – Reflection

At first topic 5 seemed quite dry so I experimented with adding a theme to my post to try and bring my argument to life. I also found the student posts which focused their discussion on content producers to have the clearest structure. There was a good deal of pro open access reading last week including clear benefits to content producers. Scott supported this in his comment that publishers unfairly drive profit margins at the expense of shared academia. Continue reading →

Topic 5 Reflection

I was looking forward to Topic 5 as I wanted to show how my blogging style and skills have developed through the successes and shortcomings of the past few months of blogging. As such, I feel I’ve ended on a good note and completed my goals! As my post was one of a few to cover a debate on different types of online content, discussions were particularly rewarding as they developed my understanding of a specific type: journal articles. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Reflection

During topic 5, I was able to become familiar on an ongoing argument about Open Access that I was previously ignorant to. Open Access means that all information is free to all and easily accessible. After researching into the pros and cons I analysed them from the different viewpoints of the authors, publishers, individual, students and businesses for example. Continue reading →

Reflection: Topic 5

Self produced on  UOSM2008’s last topic and certainly one of the most informative; ‘Open Access’ – a term I had not come across before (despite being a firm digital consumer) has opened my eyes to an array of current issues within the digital landscape, regarding content producers and society. Madeleines post and my discussion with Patricia, enhanced my knowledge of the political views regarding open access. Continue reading →

Topic 5 – Reflection

Prior to researching and writing my blog for topic 5, I was only vaguely family with the term open access. I had assumed it was mainly related to academic journals that were often not vital for my university-related work. However, upon completing a degree of research and understanding the definition of open access I find that it is related to almost every service I use regarding leisure and work. Continue reading →

Researchers stuck in a rut

The topic of open access typically carries ideas of the subversion of paywalls and expensive journal subscriptions to make content obtainable by anyone. In Who controls your computer? I investigate what open access means to the software industry and the decisions that must be made by software developers when it comes to product distribution. I found that in the field of computer software the usage of the words free and open source diverges from the commonly assumed gratis connotations. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Reflection

Despite initially finding this week’s topic challenging, I did notice an improvement in my critical writing ability, particularly with regards to evaluating online information and providing a clear and balanced argument. I also experienced a change in my communication skills, as evidenced in the learning process outlined below. Figure 1. Continue reading →

Open Access – Reflection

Prior to studying the topic of open access for this module, I was largely in favour of open access. Having studied the arguments around the issue I find myself more firmly believing open access is an essential part of the online world. Arguments expressed in this video particularly grew my belief in open access, particularly those about education and research. Continue reading →

Topic 5 Reflection

Topic 5….wow that went quickly! These past five topics have really changed my understanding of not only the subjects themselves but also the benefits of blogging. This week I really enjoyed reading around about Open Access. I think in particular how it relates to higher education institutions as it is something I frequently encounter with online journals. Continue reading →

Topic 5 Reflection – Open Access: Free for All?

I found Topic 5 more challenging than the past entries due to the balanced arguments presented. Nonetheless, I managed to present both sides of the debate through a thorough reading of both journal and media articles. Analysing Open Access (OA) in a plethora of contexts has enhanced my knowledge. For instance, after reading Carolina and Philip’s posts, I was introduced to OA outside the educational setting. Continue reading →

Topic 5 – Reflection

This week I explored the method of content release, known as open access. The term itself wasn’t familiar to me however, through my research I was surprised to discover that it was a service that I use often. I used the assessment piece to analyse the positive and negatives of the services as well as incorporate examples. When deciding on examples, I investigated material that I may have overlooked in my initial research and how the content produced would have affected the user. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Reflection

This week focused on open access, with my post leading to discussions on respectability, the advantages and disadvantages of open access over peer reviewed journals, ideas of the knowledge underclass and differences between those in developed and developing countries . From three contributors a wide range of topics were discussed, showing how complex the topic of open access is, with many differing views on whether open access is the way forward. Continue reading →

Topic 5 reflection

I enjoyed researching this week’s topic as I felt I could fully relate as I am sure most of the people writing this week could. Being a student it is hard to try to find relevant readings for your work as is and if you do find one and you cannot access it, it is annoying and disappointing.   Louise mad some good points in her blog about this, stating that it is a right to have access to educational resources. Continue reading →

Reflection – Topic 5

Week 5 focused on content producers making their materials freely available online. Open access was the last topic of this year’s module. I tried to make the most when designing this week’s info-graphics, ranging from my own video to an interactive vote. Patricia and I discussed various topics, such as identifying reliable online information and the trouble newspaper companies are currently facing. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Reflection

As the final topic of ‘Living and Working on the Web’, I spent more time studying the issue of open access, especially since it’s an issue I have frequently come across when doing research for coursework assignments. From reading Ollie’s post, I was able to engage in a discussion about funding and whether or not researchers who publish their work should be responsible for paying the fee for open access, if they cannot acquire funding. Continue reading →