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Topic 2 2017

Reflection on Online Identities

The argument of having multiple online identities continues as there are several different advantages and disadvantages surrounding the agenda. When I wrote my original post, I was swaying towards the concept that having multiple identities was fine, but after discussions with other bloggers, it came to my attention that so many people on the internet abuse the ability of being able to completely change and hide who you are. Continue reading →

Topic 2 – Reflection

Reflecting back on the topic of Identities, I have learnt a lot. To be honest it was an area I thought I was quite well informed about as my dissertation is based around self identity and Instagram. However researching and writing this blog post has allowed me to think more in-depth about my own online identities and how just because I prefer to have them one, multiple identities can be extremely beneficial in some cases. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection

Throughout the last two weeks, my understanding on the topic of multiple identities has developed. Originally, I only thought of multiple identities in terms of different accounts for different sites, however since researching more about it I have learnt that it is so much more than that. In writing my initial post, I learnt to consider multiple identities from the perspective of different personas in the form of cosplay. Continue reading →

All’s not lost for anonymity

In my latest post ‘Anonymity is Endangered’ I evaluate the concept of multiple online identities and, in particular, how the iconic anonymous identity of the Internet is being eroded by a new wave of identity centric Web 2.0 services. After reading Harriet’s post, I took a liking to the infographic that she used and have decided create one myself to clearly summarize the main types of online identity I call ‘The Big Three’. Continue reading →

Topic 2 – Reflection

This week’s topic of online identity provided controversy, intangible ideas and a host of new terms. I felt slightly daunted at the prospect of structuring my post around a topic which, even after substantial reading, still mystified me. I tried to sustain a coherent discussion by focusing on identities through the lens of online security and privacy, exploring how much control a user has over their identity. Continue reading →

Reflection Topic 2

In my opinion I found this weeks topic more difficult to write about. The reason for this is that the angle of discussion regarding multiple identities can be introduced in so many different ways. My blog for example highlighted the importance of how the creation of digital footprints can be a representation of who you are. Ellie focused her blog from a marketing perspective. She explained the concept of targeted advertising by sharing her Facebook newsfeed of a Missguided advert. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection

During my research into the topic of online identities I realised that this topic has great depth. Online identities are things we can’t help but create if we wish to use the internet as a tool; it’s required by most websites to create a profile. There are many dangers that come with having multiple online identities, as well as the argument for and against anonymity which I was only able to touch on. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Online Identity – Reflection

The subject of online identity has been an interesting one to study, with many of my fellow students considering various different angles. I consider a few particular interesting takes on the subject in this video. (Video made by me, with image references linked at the end of this article) At the start of this topic, I had quite a different view of online identity. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection

Something that struck me whilst reading other posts was how differently people interpreted the concept of multiple online identities. Catherine’s comment highlighted that in my post, I perceived multiple identities as adapting one’s behaviour to suit different social media platforms and audiences. In contrast, others saw it as having more than one profile within a social media platform, such as separate Twitter accounts for personal and professional. Continue reading →

A reflection of Topic 2

Created using Canva Before I had written my post for topic 2 I had already assumed that the debate over multiple online identities would come down to security, oh how I was wrong. A part of the debate can be attributed to a security aspect, wherein hackers may be able to gain access to accounts and private information which can later be used for identity fraud (mentioned in the beginning of the “anonymity vs. identity” conference). Continue reading →

Reflection: Topic Two

The time has come to reflect on topic 2 and I can strongly say my #UOSM2008 journey is starting to help improve my blogging skills. This week my post incorporated more visuals which even lead to discussions in the comments section; showing me how efficient visuals are in driving engagement. Moreover, I was able to make this week’s topic relate to my interests; being a marketing student I based the discussion on a marketing view which was appreciated by my fellow marketing peers. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection

Similarly, to Topic 1, my time on Topic 2 taught me a lot more than I had originally learnt myself and I was taken back by the many different avenues people had taken in their interpretation. A particularly interesting contribution was made by Will who brought the notion of ‘identity play’ to my attention through his comment on my blog post. Continue reading →

Manging multiple identities: you are who you are? Topic 2 reflection

Reflecting on Topic 1, I mentioned the difficulties shifting visitor-driven behaviour to residential behaviour. Despite encountering fewer WordPress teething problems this week, residential challenges remained: posting a comment on Callum and Harriet’s blog involved an issue with two different URLs blog structures meaning my second comment displayed later than I’d have liked. Continue reading →

Topic 2 Reflection

Figure 1: Parts of the debate I have engaged in to do with online identities. This week’s topic of online identities has definitely had an effect on my online presence and the ways in which I put out my own identity onto the internet, one way in which I have adapted this, is by changing my privacy settings on services such as Facebook and Twitter, in order to help protect it, and make it more private than it was. Continue reading →

Topic Two- Reflection

Topic two allowed me to explore the complex dimension of multiple online identities. The concepts surrounding this topic was inevitably going to create a division in opinions and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to engage in discussions with my course peers. I started a discussion with Rebecca by challenging her views on the use of deceptive online accounts. Rebecca Highlighted that the use of a false online identity shouldn’t attempt to intentionally mislead another user. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Reflection

Topic 2 really got me thinking. While I often contemplate the identity I wish to portray to an online audience, I do not believe I devote sufficient attention to the broader picture. Until this point, I have not reflected on the identities I have created and whether these have an overall net negative or positive effect. Figure 5 is one of my first attempts to do so: Figure 5 – A representation of my online and offline identities. Continue reading →

Topic 2 Reflection

  This week’s topic of having multiple online identities was something had never previously thought deeply into. However, after reviewing the topic it has been made clear there are many strong opinions on whether people should be allowed to have more than one ‘authentic’ identity online. Like most people my age I am online every day and on many websites ‘cookies’ pop up, before this topic I never really thought twice about what they meant. Continue reading →