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End of Topic 5 and Final Class on Monday

Hi everyone, Please remember that your summary posts on Topic 5 are due by end of day tomorrow (Sunday 11th) We have a final F2F session in 67/2011 from 11 - 12 on Monday (12th) In this session we will: Deal with any queries you may have about the final part of the module assessment (due 19th May) Discuss your feedback on the module experience and how we could improve it for next year Feature a short hangout with Cristina Costa providing her external perspective and feedback as... Continue reading →

General feedback on Topic 4

All the individual feedback for Topic 4 is now complete – just scroll down your google doc for our latest additions. Some of you commented that the topic is very broad – yes indeed it is, but no one post is expected to cover everything. If you look across the range of work submitted you’ll find quite a few different perspectives on the topic. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Ethical issues raised by educational and business uses of social media

Please read these notes and check out the links below, before preparing and posting your answer to the set question. This document should be regarded as just the start of the discussion, which we all then develop over the next two weeks through the conversations themselves and the sharing of further relevant links. These articles are intended to give you a flavour of the topic, and get you started on answering the Topic 4 set question below. Continue reading →

Follow up video workshop on 18th March

Thanks to all of you who came along to the workshop yesterday. Please note we will be running a follow up session at 1pm on 18th March in 34/5001 (please note new location!). This will be particularly useful in terms of preparing video content for Topic 3 (which focuses on building your online professional profile) and/or if you are helping out with Interdisciplinary Research Week which takes place soon after. Continue reading →

Progress Report

Hi everyone, It's good to see that some of you are already getting stuck into Topic 2, and there are some great materials being shared on Twitter - keep it up! Remember that end of play on Sunday 23rd is the deadline for submitting your first Topic 2 post. Don't forget that we have a workshop with Simon Morice on using your phones to record and edit video at 1pm next Tuesday (25th) which will replace the usual drop in session. Continue reading →

Please check blog aggregation

All of you who have completed the first task on time should now see your posts aggregated into this blog. If not, please check that you have put your post into a Category called "Topic 1" and tagged it with #UOSM2008. If your blog is listed in the right hand column with its title rather than your name, please can you amend. This change needs to come from your end. Continue reading →

Week 2 Summary and Next Steps

Don't forget the deadline for your first Topic 1 post is tomorrow (Sunday), then you have until end of Wednesday (12th Feb) to post your comments on the work of two other students, and then your reflective summaries on Topic 1 by next Sunday (16th February). And a reminder that you need to give your posts the Category of "Topic 1" and a Tag of #UOSM2008 for them to be aggregated into this blog. It is a manual process to connect the blogs so you won't see it happen straight away. Continue reading →

Summary of the first week and next steps

Hi everyone If you haven't yet done so, please let me have your blog url so that your posts can be added to the module blog. Remember that the module has two main strands of activity: 1) reviewing, commenting and summarising each of the five Topic areas, and 2) developing your own professional profiles on Twitter, your blog and LinkedIn. Topic 1 starts tomorrow (3rd Feb) and runs until 16th Feb. Continue reading →

Welcome to Living and Working on the Web #UOSM2008

We hope you enjoy our Curriculum Innovation module. I'm sure it will be quite a different learning experience for you :-) This post contains important information and useful links. Please read it carefully. A full copy of the module Study Guide is available here: UOSM2008 Study Guide 2014 A few pointers to get you started: There will be an introductory face to face session to explain how the module works on Monday 27th January at 11am in B67/E2011. http://www.slideshare. Continue reading →