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Highlights of My Time at Southampton

This time 4 years ago I was celebrating my A-level results and getting a highly prestigious place at ECS. Now I am a graduate and I can’t believe where all that time has gone! I hope over this time I have been able to give you an insight in to what student life in Southampton is really like, but all good things must come to an end and this will sadly be my final blog. Continue reading →

Second Year is Very Tough

Second year[1] is very tough. I mean, I'm not saying that to scare you; ECS is a vibrant, fun and clever place but the point still remains that second year is hard. I'm sure that the third years, attempting to remember what their lives were like before the third year project hand-in, would disagree. Actually, I distinctly remember an argument among some of them on this very subject. Continue reading →

Allez Le Bleu!

It is indeed amazing how time flies; it seems just like not long ago we commenced the new academic year. With only few weeks away from the second semester exams one can only wonder what made time fly so fast. We are already talking about plans for the summer – internships, trips, research, et al and deciding the modules we intend to study next year. Continue reading →

Second Year is Not So Bad

When I am very close to the end of my second year’s first semester I can't avoid realising that it was not as bad as it sounded beforehand. Obviously, first year must have been a pretty good training for the following one. Although, I must admit that more than once already, I have found myself in a weird frame of mind. One of those times where you really need to have some strong will to get the job done. Continue reading →

Second Year is Hectic

So although I’m already a second year, this is my first blog for you all to read! I’m studying the ITO course… and I cannot believe how hectic life has become since last year!! Gone are the days of feeling free and being able to go out any night of the week  We have another C# module this term, it’s literally the most miserable part of the whole week!! We’ve been keeping each other going during the labs with mountains of chocolate and sweets :P I would definitely recommend any... Continue reading →

The Second Year of an Electronic Engineering student is synonymous with slow torture

The Second Year of an Electronic Engineering student is synonymous with slow torture(that you somewhat enjoy!). After all, we have just begun our second week and already, the work has been heaped upon us. Last year, after we were forced to become code-breaking experts to be employed in WW1 (the type of encoding we were tackling was popular then); I thought that I could finally bid adieu to my worst nemesis - Programming. Continue reading →

Exams II

Exams II To imply that this is a direct sequel[1] to the last blog post would not be technically accurate. It is more of a loose connection since this is the post-exam blog post, while the previous one was a pre-exam blog post. But there's no need to be pedantic.[3] I guess what I should be saying is: "Exams are over, hurrah." Yes, it is true, the examinations are over. Continue reading →

#5 – Back to Uni!

#5 - Back to Uni! So, I've just started back at uni. Second year promises to be insanely hard, but it should be good fun. I'm happy that I get to see all my friends again, and it means I finally have something to do! Woohoo. I've been so bored these last few months. Finding a summer job is impossibly difficult, but, and here's some pretty big news, I actually have a freaking job! Woohoo! I'm working as a Barman in the Student Union. Continue reading →