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#6 – Christmas Holidays

#6 - Christmas Holidays Hooray, Christmas holidays! finally some time off - these last few weeks have been insane. I've had 6 pieces of coursework since about the second week of term, all due in over the last four. But now, I am (mostly) free! I have two pieces of coursework due after Christmas, but both are group pieces that are pretty hard to get done individually, so other than revision for the 6 exams I have, I have most of this time off. Yay! I love my job at the Union bars. Continue reading →

#5 – Back to Uni!

#5 - Back to Uni! So, I've just started back at uni. Second year promises to be insanely hard, but it should be good fun. I'm happy that I get to see all my friends again, and it means I finally have something to do! Woohoo. I've been so bored these last few months. Finding a summer job is impossibly difficult, but, and here's some pretty big news, I actually have a freaking job! Woohoo! I'm working as a Barman in the Student Union. Continue reading →

Term has well and truly ended…

Our term has well and truly ended, exam results have been published and everyone’s getting ready to go on holiday, starts to rain. Good old predictable English weather. But not to worry. I was extremely pleased with my results, receiving a first with room to spare – it’s a shame these marks don’t count towards the final degree! As for holidays, well, tomorrow I’m going on tour with SUJO, playing in jazz festivals across France and Spain for the next 8 days. Continue reading →

#4 Results and Houses

#4 - Results and Houses I got my results just over a week ago. I got a 2:ii. I expected as much, though. Let down by Formal Methods, yet I did insanely well in Software Engineering somehow. In much more interesting news, I have now moved into my new house and all I can say is that this is awesome. I love this house. It’s brilliant. I still haven’t entirely unpacked, but I am most of the way there now. Continue reading →

#3 – End of year 1

#3 - End of year 1 So my first year is officially over. I’ve finished all my exams, and now I have nothing academic to do until September or October. It’s a weird feeling, having nothing to do, though I’ve not really got nothing to do. I have to look for a job, I have to pack my life into boxes to move into my new house, and I have to sort out transferring bills and everything into my name for when that happens. But for now, I can just reminisce about my first year. I loved it. Continue reading →

Not Too Long Now Until Christmas

#2 – Not long now This is weird. It’s nearly the Christmas holidays, and I’ve handed in a few pieces of coursework, finished my Electronics labs, and am now into the final stretch, as it were, with one more coursework due before we leave, and then just a few maths tests left. On the subject of maths, if you did what I did, took a gap year and never did further maths, this stuff becomes HARD. Continue reading →

First Thoughts about University of Southampton

#1 – First Thoughts Wow. I’m actually here. I don’t really know when it hit me; it seems to have been kind of gradual. But I’m actually at Southampton University, learning again, after a year out in the Real World. It’s quite a surreal experience, but to tell the truth I absolutely love it. The place, the people, the course, I don’t know if it’s something in the water but everything here just seems incredible. Continue reading →