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Finding a home in the Level 2 Project lab

One of the major differences or changes I experienced in my third year of studies in ECS was the lack of mandatory lab sessions like we had in the first and second years.  Unlike years 1 and 2, no third year module (apart from one) involved compulsory lab sessions.  This in effect meant I only had to come into the labs mainly for my third year project work especially as mine involved  both hardware and software components. Continue reading →

The Viva Presentation

The Viva presentation was sorted two weeks ago and all the examinations are now done and dusted. Barring some very unexpected poor results, it should confirm that I have achieved my original aim - when I started back at University - of obtaining a good degree from a quality university. My academic career will continue for another year, which will allow the transformation of that presumed Bachelor's degree into a Master's degree. Continue reading →

68 days and counting

68 days and counting No update last week as the project was put to one side in order to prepare for a presentation and grammar test in French. A language module is 16 weeks long and counts as a double module. This means that it runs up until the 4th week of the second semester. The final two assessments count to the remaining 20% of the mark. A good result in both would give me a first-class mark overall, so naturally it made sense to prioritise. Continue reading →

Requirement Evolution

Requirement Evolution My flow of blogs was delayed by another management essay - this time on consultancy and entrepreneurs - but the third-year project still moves on. Having settled more firmly on the intended outcome of my project, I decided it was time to revisit the purpose of the project. Two reasons: 1) In all third-year projects, a second examiner is appointed. Continue reading →

On the back burner

On the back burner The advance of my project slowed significantly for week 4. The third-year project accounts for a third of the workload, so there are going to be weeks where very little is done despite the best intentions. That being said, it was possible to continue with a drip-drip approach. For example, I managed to complete an initial project plan in a 40-minute gap squeezed between two lectures. Continue reading →

As a Computer Scientist you Spend Time Fixing Other Peoples Computers

There is something special about being the house's computer scientist. You spend a lot of time fiddling with networks and trying to fix other peoples' computers. Fortunately the tools to properly diagnose and repair computers are very good these days. Unfortunately most manufacturers think that a recovery CD costs too much to bother including in the package, so they half-heartedly provide hidden partitions and the like that don't help one iota when there is a hardware failure. Continue reading →

New Years Resolutions…

Happy New Year to all! Nope guys, I am not dumbing down. I know it started a month earlier but I was busy with exams and forgot to wish you. And for me, it has just started as I have taken my last paper :) We had a wonderful party to start this year. The year 2007 has significantly changed my life. It has put me back on track as I successfully resumed my long-awaited study. So far, I am very happy with my course and my university choice. Continue reading →