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2010 – New Year

First blog of 2010 and the first blog of year. Yep, its been hectic and challenging as predicted. I recall telling people that I felt the second year (or part 2 as they say round here) was going to be where we'd be kept busy with everything plus the kitchen sink being thrown at us and it has not disappointed. At this point in time, this is the day after the last of six exams. This is the time where it feels odd not to be revising or procrastinating on revision for some such subject. Continue reading →

It’s cold in here!

Mountbatten down the hatches - it's cold in here! I'll admit it, the title's cheesy, but it was necessary. With temperatures below freezing much of the time, and snow and ice everywhere, it was a miracle that everyone made it to lectures over the past few days - but they did! Glen Eyre Road was more like Glen Eyre Ski Slope, and campus more like Southampton Ice Rink, but I think everyone enjoyed it all the same. Continue reading →

Let me introduce myself…

Heyyyy....finally I got the time to write my first blog after a long span of three months. First of all I wish everyone a very warm New Year as it's freezing over here in Southampton. The chilling winters have finally arrived and you can see the roads and the cars under the beautiful white sheet of snow. Making snowballs and throwing them at friends is great fun. As it's my first blog, so I would like to talk something about the University and the all-round atmosphere over here. Continue reading →

Holiday at last!

Holiday at last. Well, almost. I’m back at my parents’ house a little early this year to help out with a radio play my dad is staging. The fact that I just said “staging” should be raising a few eyebrows. My dad is trying to recreate all the fun/insanity of watching a radio play being recorded live, including microphones, multiple parts, and that silly person knocking cups together to do the “live effects”. (That silly person, in this case, being me. Continue reading →

December crept up on us…

Already December! This term has just absolutely flown by. Christmas is a time to be spent with family, and I will be doing very little work over the holidays. Unfortunately, the lecturers believe this is the perfect time for courseworks. This means whatever I don't get done before the holidays, will have to be done when I get back! Going to be a rough beginning to the New Year! On another note, the modules are all going well. Continue reading →

Graduation Ceremony, Christmas and New Years Eve

"We hope you will not forget us....pause.....and If you become rich or very rich...Pause.... we will not forget you." This was the sentence said by the Chancellor of the University of Southampton at the graduation ceremony on 17th Dec 2008, which provoked laughter in the audience. The graduation ceremony went well (though unexpectedly...:)), due to a number of factors which made it an awesome event of my life. First of all the weather was very sunny (Thank GOD no more freezing cold). Continue reading →

New Years Resolutions…

Happy New Year to all! Nope guys, I am not dumbing down. I know it started a month earlier but I was busy with exams and forgot to wish you. And for me, it has just started as I have taken my last paper :) We had a wonderful party to start this year. The year 2007 has significantly changed my life. It has put me back on track as I successfully resumed my long-awaited study. So far, I am very happy with my course and my university choice. Continue reading →