Let me introduce myself…

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Heyyyy….finally I got the time to write my first blog after a long span of three months.

First of all I wish everyone a very warm New Year as it’s freezing over here in Southampton. The chilling winters have finally arrived and you can see the roads and the cars under the beautiful white sheet of snow. Making snowballs and throwing them at friends is great fun.

As it’s my first blog, so I would like to talk something about the University and the all-round atmosphere over here. The first thing I would like to say is ECS rocks… Not only ECS but the complete Southampton is a great place to live, study and enjoy your life. The atmosphere and the people never let you feel lonely and bored. The University seems to be like a Pandora’s Box which has lots and lots of things to do which leave you without even a minute left. The technology here is awesome, making you feel keen to learn more and more.

To this day it has been three months since the course started. We have done lots of stuff. We have been trained to deal with programming chips, making electric motors and much much more. And now it’s the last month of the semester 1 coming with the king of the 11 tests and 8 courseworks which we did in the last three months. The final semester exams are starting from 18 January making every first-year student feel nervous. Everybody is going to be tested now.

ohhh.. It’s lecture time and I have to go now… Soon I will be posting my second blog with much more to talk about. Till then

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