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ECS Undergraduate – What a Great Position

Welcome to my first blog entry, which has a zombie theme. The reason for this will become clear but I wanted to warn you from the outset that I might be digging up some pretty old jokes... So, having read other ECS blogs for the last year fascinated to know what being an ECS undergrad is like, I'm now one of them! What a great position to be in - I really am anticipating having a fantastic year. Continue reading →

Where did semester one go?

Where did semester one go? Without wishing to resort to cliché, time has genuinely flown by. My friends and tutor group are so familiar now, it feels as if I’ve known them for years… it’s so strange to think I’ve known them for less than four months! JumpStart (programme for ECS students during freshers’ week) is now just a hazy memory in a brain that’s being rapidly filled up. Continue reading →

Five great things about being an ECS student

Five great things about being an ECS student So… I’m about halfway through my first semester, and the fact that I’m only now sitting down and writing my first entry must say a lot about how busy I am, and how much of a great time I’m having here in Southampton! Instead of writing a fairly standard article about how brilliant Southampton and ECS are academically (which they really are: check out the rest of the website if you don’t believe me), I’m really trying to write more... Continue reading →

Innovation can be fun!

“Southampton has been ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities and is the number one university in the UK for Electrical and Electronic Engineering.” On one busy day while rushing off to school, I casually glanced at this headline in the newspaper thinking how great it would be if I actually was a part of this university and now I write my first blog as a proud student of the University of Southampton. Continue reading →

New Beginnings

Hello world. Over the period of the next three years, I will be posting in this little space, with (hopefully) useful insights of university life. I was born and bred in Singapore, a little country in south-eastern Asia. Climatically speaking, Singapore is hot all year round - as compared to Southampton, which is freezing (by my standards) at the moment. Journey to the UK took a killer 18 hours. That's how far away from home i am... Continue reading →

My First Blog Post – Lets Start With an Introduction

Hello! As this is my first blog post, I guess the obvious place for me to start is by introducing myself. I am here in Southampton to study MEng Electronic Engineering and love every minute of it! I decided to come to Southampton not only because of its great rankings in the league tables but also because of the warmth and sense of fun that was conveyed at the open days and interview. Continue reading →

Jumpstart Again, But This Time I was a Helper

Jumpstart I didn't fail the first year, instead this year I was a helper. The day involved collecting my group from the introductory lecture, making ourselves lunch and then exploring Southampton in the city challenge. This year was a little different to last, instead of taking pictures of particular places around the City we had to create a story in pictures which incorporated certain places. At first we struggled to come up with an idea for the story but we got there eventually. Continue reading →

Jumpstart in a Nutshell

OK, I'll admit it, I'm about five days late posting this. I meant to write this last weekend, but never quite got around to it somehow. JumpStart is the first thing that hits anyone arriving at ECS on time. While it does count a bit for one of the modules, it's not really about the module scores, more the fun that can be had. Our challenge this year involved creating a photo storyboard which had to meet a load of criteria. Some of these ranged from the mundane (e.g. Continue reading →