Where did semester one go?

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Where did semester one go? Without wishing to resort to cliché, time has genuinely flown by. My friends and tutor group are so familiar now, it feels as if I’ve known them for years… it’s so strange to think I’ve known them for less than four months! JumpStart (programme for ECS students during freshers’ week) is now just a hazy memory in a brain that’s being rapidly filled up.

Anyway, instead of just rambling on, I’ll give you a quick list of “try to dos” and “try not to dos” based on the mistakes I’ve made, or that I’ve noticed friends making;

First week
• Do try and get to know Southampton and the University. Find out which buses take you where (if it has a “C” at the end, it’s going into town)*, get the phone number of a local taxi company, and find out where your laundry room is.
• Do say hello to everyone in your corridor, halls and course. Don’t be nervous, they’re probably just as scared as you… one of them may be a new best friend!

• Do try and join societies. Half of the university experience is the exciting social life, so it’d be a mistake to miss out on that, even if you’re shy or unadventurous.
• Don’t go crazy joining societies. I definitely made that mistake, and most of them fell through, as I was terrible at managing my time. By all means try loads out, but you get more out of being a dedicated member of a couple of societies than occasionally joining in with many.

• Do take good notes during lectures – and review them afterwards. I know personally, that writing during a lecture helps me engage properly, and avoid falling asleep. Additionally, it really helps when it comes to revision for exams.
• Do not leave work to the last minute – it really won’t do you any favours. It can be really hard to find the motivation when sitting in front of a blank new project in Eclipse, but the sooner you start, the sooner you finish. Remember, it’ll always take longer than you think it will, without fail. Plus, it’s great to be able to have a pint at The Stags’ Head while others are slaving away into the night at their coursework.

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