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Deadlines Have This Amazing Effect

Deadlines It's quite amazing the effect deadlines have on students. I am pretty sure STACS (this is the helpdesk in the Zepler Computer labs) can attest to the increased traffic both on the computer networks and in human movement during coursework/project deadlines. The effect could even be more striking or significant (or even hilarious depending on how you look at it) when different modules for some strange reasons happen to have coinciding deadlines. Continue reading →

Deadlines Before Christmas

The oddity of having the third year project progress report deadline before Christmas did have the advantage of pushing the project on to the back burner during the Christmas period. Not having questionnaire data to sift through was something of an issue, but hopefully there will be some movement on that front when everyone including undergraduates have had feet under desks for at least a week. Continue reading →

Snow! Deadlines! Poverty!

Snow! Deadlines! Poverty! That pretty much sums up everything that has happened since my last blog. The weather, as of writing, is snowy leaning towards icy, which has had the rather lovely knock-on effect of a four-day weekend! Took long enough for the snow to make its way down the country to us, heh. Deadlines are horrible, but I don’t have any left now, so my weekend is truly free. Aside from all the regular work. Bah. Continue reading →

Never underestimate the power of friends

Never underestimate the power of friends; they can help you when times get tough... or when you're trying to understand certain obscure concepts in Theory of Computing. In the first year admittedly I didn't go to Zepler labs much, but since the end of last year I've discovered how useful it is to be able to talk to people about work and discuss any problems which you come across (within the guidelines of ECS collaboration policies of course!). Continue reading →

Time to face week number five!

Week number four is dying; week number five is showing its face. If I think about it, I’ve only just started my degree; but I am already well submerged into it. Things get more interesting by the minute, lectures become more complex, coursework and tests become an everyday matter. For some reason, even if at times I can feel a bit desperate, it seems that it’s a good ‘stressed out’ feeling. Continue reading →

life is a Funny Thing

Life is a funny thing. It can chew you up, spit you out, occasionally steal your hairbrush, but what makes you really want to shake your fist in its general direction is when you realise that, quite against your wishes, it has set itself to fast forward. Since when was it allowed to be April already? I’m fairly certain I did not give permission for this to happen. Continue reading →

The Results Are In…

The Results Are In... Last time I blogged I had just returned from my assessment day for the Undergraduate of the Year Awards, and now I know the outcome……I’M THROUGH TO THE FINAL 10!!! *breathe* Wow! These last few weeks have been becoming increasingly crazy, but in an absolutely stunning, incredible way! According to official UCAS figures, there were 456,627 students starting university courses at the same time as me, so statistically there was a 0. Continue reading →

Busy, busy, busy

As expected, the rest of December and January were hectic. Coursework deadlines hit hard and fast, followed by frantic exam revision. It all culminated last weekend with the final exam being the hardest. The weekend was spent, finally, getting some third year project work done. The questionnaires are going well, though I need to get a move on if I am to get a decent sample. Continue reading →

Friends in high places!

Meeting Richard Hammond (Top Gear, Braniac, etc), scoring one-hundred percent in two courseworks and landing a job as an assistant programmer for the back-office in retail outlets; guess the connection. When I met Hammond (, I decided to ask him an obscure question which hasn't been asked before: “Do you like guitar hero? I've made a 2D version if you're interested.” His response was “Err... Continue reading →

Let me introduce myself…

Heyyyy....finally I got the time to write my first blog after a long span of three months. First of all I wish everyone a very warm New Year as it's freezing over here in Southampton. The chilling winters have finally arrived and you can see the roads and the cars under the beautiful white sheet of snow. Making snowballs and throwing them at friends is great fun. As it's my first blog, so I would like to talk something about the University and the all-round atmosphere over here. Continue reading →