I don’t work with computers!

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I don’t work with computers!

I must admit I didn’t know so many class fellows are my regular readers. In my last blog, I wrote that I am a software developer, I don’t “work with computers” and within a day I received some very good comments regarding this slogan.

They asked me to explain this more clearly so that people can understand it. Well, the obvious question is why do we have to spell it out? There are a lot of stories but I will try my best to tell you a shorter one so you can get an idea.

A couple of weeks ago, I was attending a party. I really like to know new people especially from diverse cultures. So, I started talking to someone in that party and, as usual, I was asked what I do. I replied “software developer” and looked on opponent’s forehead (It’s my standard practice). Within seconds I saw some lines there. I took a long sigh and explained that I developed software and gave examples of Windows, Word, games etc. They nodded their head (standard signal to shut up) and I was relieved that they finally understood my job.

Just minutes later, another person joined our circle and by chance asked my job. Before I could say a word, the other person whom I just explained my job said: “He works with computers”. I could barely wait to finish my drink and say goodbye!

The fact is, we (speaking on the behalf of s/w class) don’t want to be specially treated or regarded highly. We just want people to know our job. Frankly speaking, “working with computers” sounds like typing in a letter or fitting some nut and bolts. Why do people understand the job of a doctor, lawyer, engineer, player, driver and hundreds of other profession? But when it comes to us, “work with computer”.

Well, It’s just half the story. Don’t get us started on the question people ask us after telling them our job. My iPod’s won’t play this mp4, what can you do? My digital camera wouldn’t turn on, what is your opinion, My favourite game is not compatible with Vista, can you write a program to run it on Vista?. We have had enough!

“Alam, dinner is ready. Where are you?”

“Yeah, coming in two minutes”.

“What are you doing?”

“Writing my blog”


“Wriiitingggg myyyy blooooog”

“Writing your what?”

“emmmemme, working with computer”

“Alright, we are waiting”

Just kill me ……… 🙂

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