Exam Time!

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Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

You probably know that it is an emergency call and I hope you have only heard it in movies. Actually, it is the best way to describe the current situation!

Yes, Exams – the hottest topic in university at the moment. Whether it’s classroom, labs, library, halls, cafeteria, SUSU shops, sports centre, Uni-link buses, university road, bus-stops etc (don’t know about toilets), you see people talking about exams. You won’t get a single corner where you can try to relax and think about other stuff. People are all around you and they are passionate to keep reminding you about the exams. You just can’t run away from this monster!

Well, you might get an impression that I haven’t been studying this semester and consequently, I am stressed out. It’s not it. I started my preparation early and I am just revising my notes. I am pretty much confident that I will do well. However, I always find myself unable to cope with anxiety. You know, there is always an element of uncertainty in exams. No matter how well you are prepared, the examiners are bound to find a topic you are not good at. I just can’t understand how they come to know that SPECIFIC topic. My best guess is that they keep spying on us during our term-time 

Anyway, despite the distress call, I would not say that I am out of help. Besides university resources, ECS has a lot to help you out. From exam tackling to stress avoidance and from revision exercises to general advice, they know everything you might need during this stage. Furthermore, your lectures and tutors are ready to help you. The course notes and previous exams papers are available on-line and the library is open for extended hours. What else on earth you need for the preparation? What? No buddy, you can’t get your hands on the real paper. But I promise you it will be in your hand very soon – right on the examination day 😉

Alright. It about time I left. My piece of advice: Do work hard. It is worth it. Remember that your results last your lifetime. So give it a good shot.

Good luck with your exams.

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