Time is Always Against Us

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“Time is always against us”. By Morpheus, in one of my favourite movies – Matrix-Reloaded). The beauty of the quote is – you can easily replace “us” with “students” and still enjoy it 😉

I would never be able to understand why we are given such a “short-time” to complete our coursework ( e.g. “just” two weeks to write one-page table, three weeks to prepare a 15-slides presentation and a month to read 20-pages standard specification). I know weeks sound enough but statistic shows that 90% of students submit their course work just hours before the deadline. (Remember: statistic also shows that 70% of statistics are made-up on the spot).

Actually, it isn’t our School’s fault (you might have realized). I wouldn’t lie but a majority of students have this weird and wonderful habit of saying “coursework? But submission date is a week away, right?” Well, unfortunately, it is true for me as well. Anyway, if you are confused whether you fall into 90% or in the rest of us, here is a 5-points note to help you decide.

1. Deadlines are always in two phases for you. Those which are “way too away” and others which are “way too near”. You haven’t been able to figure out the third phase. If you are asked to read 100 pages, it doesn’t matter whether you are given 4 months or 4 days. You, beyond a shadow of doubt, submit your report an hour before.

2. The same phase-phenomena works for coursework. Coursework is either not started or almost finished, in other words, needs “some polishing / review”. The standard time for this polishing/review is usually weeks if not months.

3. The teacher, whom you have to submit coursework, sees you in dreams because you have sent 20+ emails him/her to know what “exactly” is required. Although, you were given a 4-pages long description of required coursework.

4. You are an early-riser, on the coursework submission day, so that you can put those bits-n-pieces together to complete coursework.

5. When you know that the file server has broken down (again) due to a “mistake by Sun engineers” you feel sympathy towards your fellows and says “Bless you Sun”!

What you submit your coursework well before the deadline? Congratulation, you are lucky to be in the rest. Can you please write back and let us know your 99-golden rules to cope-up with time?

Thanks a lot 😉

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