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D4 Design Exercise

Three weeks ago all the second year electronics students headed off to a special extra lecture, where we were to be set the final design challenge of the year, D4. We all knew it was going to be something pretty big due to the hefty mark allocation associated with it (75% of one module – roughly the same as one exam paper) but I don’t think anyone was quite prepared for what was to come...”you have 11 working days to build a digital oscilloscope”... *gasp*... Continue reading →

The Results Are In…

The Results Are In... Last time I blogged I had just returned from my assessment day for the Undergraduate of the Year Awards, and now I know the outcome……I’M THROUGH TO THE FINAL 10!!! *breathe* Wow! These last few weeks have been becoming increasingly crazy, but in an absolutely stunning, incredible way! According to official UCAS figures, there were 456,627 students starting university courses at the same time as me, so statistically there was a 0. Continue reading →

Undergraduate of the Year Awards

Undergraduate of the Year Awards The last two weeks couldn’t have been more different than the previous three if they’d tried. Out is the non-stop pressure and tedium of exam revision, in, an exciting new timetable of modules and a bit of spare time for societies to kick off properly again. As a result I’ve probably been even busier than before exams, although rather than spending all day cooped up in my room at home working I’ve hardly spent any time there at all. Continue reading →

Group Projects

Group Projects This year there has been a definite shift from being set countless individual problem sheets to having fewer, larger group projects. No small part of this is our Software Engineering project where we have been challenged to design, code and implement a program to run on a Windows Mobile powered PDA. We are free to design what we wish, with the only constraints being that it must use databases and the inbuilt GPS in some way. Continue reading →

EE Zepler Prize

EE Zepler Prize Wow, incredible, amazing – I’m simply stunned. I’ve just been told I have won the EE Zepler Prize for achieving the top mark of all the students on my course last year! I can’t believe it! I knew I had done well and got good marks, but I had no idea how I compared to anyone else, so to discover this now, well, I’m actually speechless... ...Fast forward a few days and there was an informal prize-giving ceremony for all the winners across all ECS courses and years. Continue reading →

Fresher’s Week II, Free Food, and lots and lots of coursework!

It’s been a month since I returned to Southampton, and a very good month it’s been! It all started with me helping with the ECS Jumpstart City Challenge, which involved leading a group of freshers around the town whilst they had to create a comic book style story incorporating all the places we visited. We also had to include such crazy things such as being chased by a group of over 20 people, getting resuscitated by a paramedic and meeting the mayor, amongst others. Continue reading →

Start of the ECS journey

So, you’ve had your A-level results and had your place at ECS confirmed? You’ve got the accommodation you wanted all sorted and secured (though don’t worry unduly if you haven’t, as mine took forever to sort out, wasn’t at all what I wanted, and I still had the best time!)? And in 14 days time, you’re going to be unleashed into the world of university for the first time? If all these are you, then you’re a lucky, lucky person! I guarantee you are going to have an absolutely... Continue reading →

ECS On a Musical Tour

When I left it last time, we still weren’t completely sure if our tour was going to be able to go ahead…but fortunately all the paperwork was completed in time, and so off we set the following morning. Things didn’t start off too well, with horrendous traffic causing us to miss our ferry from Dover to Calais, but a couple of hours later we finally made it to France. Continue reading →

One Year Down….

Well, that's it! It's the end of my first year at Southampton University and boy has time flown by. I can't believe that this time last year I was still revising hard for the last of my A-level exams and yet now Part I is all over. My final exam was last Tuesday and overall I was very pleased with how they went. Continue reading →