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My Tokyo Summer Placement

A special summer こんにちは皆さん! Hello everyone and welcome to this very special edition of my blog, brought to you from 6000 miles away in Japan! The Japanese at the start means “Hello everyone”, by the way. So, what am I doing here? Well, to answer this question you must cast your mind back (or at least move your scroll bar down!) to the end of last year, when I had a string of interviews for summer placements. Continue reading →

2011 so far – Part 1

2011 so far - Part 1 It may be becoming somewhat of a cliché, but what a year it has been so far. Such a busy and exciting year it has been that I’ve not made time to write a blog about it yet. Oops! Sorry about that. But fear not, with a few weeks rest now, in between exams finishing and the start of work for the summer, I’m finally able to give you an update on all the exciting things I’ve been up to. January started off with Semester 1 exams. Continue reading →

Christmas Holidays 2010

I’m typing this at home, on a new Samsung netbook, surrounded by great food and family and just watched a great English team retain The Ashes in Australia – it’s been a very good week to say the least! After a successful but hectic year it’s been really nice to have a little break from it all and recharge my batteries before it all starts again in 2011. Before I sign off for 2010 though, I first must tell you about my exciting December. Continue reading →

Royal Academy of Engineering

I wrote back in April about an award I received from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Two weeks ago, just before the start of Freshers' Week, I got to make use of this for the first time with a weekend conference in Birmingham where I got the chance to meet the other winners from top engineering departments across the country and attend a series of personal development workshops. Continue reading →

Summer Holidays

Summer holidays It’s been a while since I last blogged and a huge amount has happened in that time. First off were the summer exams. At the time I was slightly disappointed with how they went; I didn’t think they were terrible yet equally I felt I should have done better. However, fast forward a few weeks and actually they were the best set of results I’d ever had! Crazy stuff. Needless to say I was absolutely delighted with that. Continue reading →

Undergraduate of the Year Awards Ceremony

As I have mentioned in a couple of my previous blogs, I have been involved in the search to find the First Year of the Year in the Undergraduate of the Year Awards. Last time I wrote about it a couple of months ago I was through to the final 10 and now fast forward and it was time to find out the results. The pressure was most definitely off a bit thanks to knowing I’d already won the Royal Academy of Engineering Advanced Leadership Award, but still I was really looking forward to this. Continue reading →

Royal Academy of Engineering Advanced Leadership Award

What was I saying about this term getting ever crazier again? Well, it’s just got even better now I’ve been presented with the Royal Academy of Engineering Advanced Leadership Award I blogged about last time! I’m absolutely delighted, completely over the moon! It’s going to open so many doors for me and I’m so excited about what the next few years will hold! Let me explain a little more about what the award actually entails, since I didn’t go into much detail last time given the... Continue reading →