Reflection on Topic 2

This week’s topic on the arguments for and against having multiple online identities has been really interesting and has made me re-think my own online identities and use of social media. Through interacting with my course mates and reading their opinions on the issue, my own knowledge of the issue was broadened.

I chose to talk specifically about the positives and negatives of having multiple and single online identities and included varying quotes from contradictory sources such as Mark Zuckerberg and Christopher Poole.

However, I was really interested by the varying aspects that my course mates chose to focus on from this diverse topic. For instance, Dominic’s blog presented the issue of the booming industry set up to manage and clean-up our online identities for $1000/year, which is a fascinating concept. The fact that we need this industry shows just how important the issue of creating an online identity (whether single or multiple) truly is! This blog also presented me the idea that Korea and China allow residents to have multiple identities online but force them to associate each account with a unique National ID number, which made me question whether this sort of system would ever be implemented in the UK…

Anna’s blog with its conclusion that “The best solution is to be yourself. If that makes you uneasy, talk with your shrink. Better yet, blog about it,” was again very thought-provoking and the embedded Buzz Feed video displaying the ramifications of having low privacy settings on social media accounts, added a humorous tone. However, it made me re-think the importance of ensuring that privacy settings are set to a level one is comfortable with – and equally, the importance of with-holding personal, private information to avoid fraud.

Sophie’s blog provided a very similar conclusion to my own, that being, that we should have multiple online identities to suit specific target audiences and also the specific social media platforms we are using.

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