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LinkedIn or Out?

During my adolescent years I had some inclination that I wanted to go into the world of Finance. Having watched ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ – a great film, at the age of 15 I decided to try and become a Stockbroker. Needless the say, my opinions matured over the years. I managed to secure a Gap Year Placement with IBM and that’s how I found out about LinkedIn – The ‘Facebook’ for the professional world. Continue reading →

Take Two – An Overview

13 days ago I hadn’t given the concepts of Online Security, Privacy and Identity any serious thought. Needless to say my opinions have evolved during this time. Having read the comments in Andy Sugden’s blog (Titled: Online Identity or Online Identities?) one key point I missed out with regards to having an Online Identity is the ability to have a unique persona, a fresh start if you will. Continue reading →

Help! I’ve Stolen Someone’s Online Identity!

Online Identity: The ability for individuals to interact online without sacrificing their personal privacy is a vital part of the Internet’s value, and is intimately related to its trustworthiness. [1] Upon reading the question; ‘Discuss the arguments for and against having more than one online identity’, my initial thoughts were ‘Oh, this is going to be another discussion about the dangers of facebook and online shopping. Continue reading →

An Overview…

Again, two weeks into this project I am still learning the finer details of this course. In hindsight I would like to say that I am proficient using WordPress and the whole blogging concept in general is second nature but I’d be wrong. There is a lot for me to still learn and I need to make the most of these drop-in sessions provided to me. That said, UOSM2033 itself I find refreshing in the sense that this course’s approach to learning is unique. Continue reading →

Digital Users?

As D White and A Le Cornu once said; The resident is an individual who lives a percentage of their life online.  The Visitor is an individual who uses the web as a tool in an organised manner whenever the need arises. [1] Having grown up through the ‘Dot Com Bubble’ I remember my Primary School days being taught an array of topics about the dangers of online communities to learning how to send an email. Continue reading →