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Finding a home in the Level 2 Project lab

One of the major differences or changes I experienced in my third year of studies in ECS was the lack of mandatory lab sessions like we had in the first and second years.  Unlike years 1 and 2, no third year module (apart from one) involved compulsory lab sessions.  This in effect meant I only had to come into the labs mainly for my third year project work especially as mine involved  both hardware and software components. Continue reading →

ECS Undergraduate – What a Great Position

Welcome to my first blog entry, which has a zombie theme. The reason for this will become clear but I wanted to warn you from the outset that I might be digging up some pretty old jokes... So, having read other ECS blogs for the last year fascinated to know what being an ECS undergrad is like, I'm now one of them! What a great position to be in - I really am anticipating having a fantastic year. Continue reading →

Undergraduate Storyboard

Hiya, my name is Sally, I am an undergraduate student of the University of Southampton, I am doing Electronic Engineering in ECS! This blog is like a storyboard recording and showing you my life here as a student in Southampton, the University and in ECS (Just like the relationship between the library ---- , its function category of –Mathematics-- and the specific operation --abort()-- in C programming )! I hope you find the story FUN! ------------<stdlib. Continue reading →

Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, decisions ... I'm a big fan of flexibility. Being asked to make a rushed decision is not something that I welcome. My landlord will no doubt be asking in late November as to whether we want to renew our house contract or start showing some over-eager freshers around to take our place. Note to freshers: leave it to after exams in February; the people in the houses will be more friendly and the houses aren't going anywhere. Continue reading →

Undergraduate of the Year Awards Ceremony

As I have mentioned in a couple of my previous blogs, I have been involved in the search to find the First Year of the Year in the Undergraduate of the Year Awards. Last time I wrote about it a couple of months ago I was through to the final 10 and now fast forward and it was time to find out the results. The pressure was most definitely off a bit thanks to knowing I’d already won the Royal Academy of Engineering Advanced Leadership Award, but still I was really looking forward to this. Continue reading →

PhD Straight After Undergraduate

Doing a PhD straight after an undergraduate degree brings both good and bad connotations about yourself. Particularly in Malaysia, jumping straight from a BSc to PhD is fairly unheard of, thus they automatically assume that you're some intelligent overachieving prodigy. On the flip side, grad school has been famously caricatured as a way to put off getting a job - or joining the real world, so to speak. When I first thought about doing a PhD, I wasn't really sure about what it involved. Continue reading →

Infinity and Beyond

Getting to grips with this university lark, I think. Having being told by various former work colleagues that, despite the best attempts of universities to convince otherwise, studying at undergraduate life involves attending a few lectures and not much else, I would like to know to which establishments of higher education they were referring. It bears no reflection to how much work that I've been putting in. Continue reading →