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Hiya, my name is Sally, I am an undergraduate student of the University of Southampton, I am doing Electronic Engineering in ECS! This blog is like a storyboard recording and showing you my life here as a student in Southampton, the University and in ECS (Just like the relationship between the library —- , its function category of –Mathematics– and the specific operation –abort()– in C programming )!

I hope you find the story FUN!

The University of Southampton is located in a green and peaceful city. There is so much to do here; shopping around in the massive malls (West quay, The Marlands, Bargate shopping centre), relax or jog in the parks around the campus and the city, go out in the evenings with your friends to numerous bars and clubs(Portswood, Bedford Place). In terms of transportation, Southampton is well connected with other cities; you can get here by road, rail or air from almost anywhere. Connections to London are especially good, which takes less than 1.5 hours by train.

This year, I live with six other freshers in one of the 20 halls of residence provided by the University. The friendly community provides me with a great chance to make friends and learn about people from different cultures and backgrounds. I love sharing ideas about work and projects set by the department, for example talking about building a DC motor and making a designed circuit function; I am also happy to learn about my flatmates giving a presentation on Spanish literature. Just as the saying goes, happiness shared doubles, sorrow shared halves. Most halls are within walking distance from the main campus, but Unilink provides frequent buses between halls, campuses and the city centre. If you are a resident of the halls, you will receive free bus pass for the whole academic year. Overall, the city is well suited to the needs of the University, its students and staff.

————– Mathematics Functions———–
Upon arrival at Heathrow from Beijing, I was given a warm welcome by University representatives. After the arrival and completing registrations, there were a variety of events in the following weeks to help me adjust to life in Southampton, such as academic workshops and socials in the Union Bars.

Thanks to the help and dedication of all the staff here at Southampton, settling in was so much easier! The student services helped me with finance, accommodation and health services, with a lot of the hard work organised into easy timetabled sessions. By that time, I hadn’t even started my lectures yet, but I already had a strong feeling that my time here would not be wasted!

There is a dedicated sports centre, The Jubilee, located in Highfield with a gym, sports halls and a pool; great for keeping in good shape! In front of it is the Students’ Union (known as SUSU), which has its own shop, bars, cinema, cafes and restaurants. On Mondays there is market selling books, DVDs and food. Before the start of term, two big events were organised by SUSU, one is the Bunfight, where you can join and choose from more than 200 exciting societies. The other event was Freshers’ Fayre, where big local companies gave away freebies like pot noodles, packs of white bread and pink balloons (more than these..); it’s always nice to get free stuff! 🙂

————- abort()——————
As an institution with such a strong background (it’s in the top 10 UK research Universities league), the University of Southampton (and of course the School of Electronics and Computer Science, ECS) certainly lives up to its reputation!

In my next entry, you will look into my life as a student in ECS officially. By that time I probably will have a fair few assignments to work through; on the other hand, I will be so happy to see and present the progress I will have achieved!

Thanks for reading the blog and best wishes from Sally!

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