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First Year is Almost Over

So this is it, two more exams and first year is over. I can hardly believe that it was 8 months ago that I left what I knew and came to Southampton to start my degree. If you had told me what I would have been up to before I started I would have thought you were crazy ... getting BUCS points for canoe polo, winning our league and cup for rugby, caving for half of my Easter, doing my kayaking 3* and still having time to eat, sleep, socialise and do some work. Continue reading →

MSc Kickstart Programme

Hey guys, I am back!!!! I am very sorry that I am being very lazy. To be honest, the reason for this laziness was mainly study. Well, I said mainly because I don?t want to blame my extra-curricular activities :) First, let's discuss exams. Second Semester exams were good. I started my preparation early and by the examination week, I was pretty much confident. So, the exams went very well and I was flying high when the results were announced. No my dear friend. Continue reading →