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Lots of Exams But Christmas Is Coming!

So, I’ve just submitted the last assignment due before Christmas and thought I should update this thing to let everyone know what’s been going on for the past few weeks! We had our ITO sailing trip; it was the best experience so far on our course! We all had a great time… that was until we wrote the assignment on it: / I never thought I would submit a report with nearly 5,000 words in it this semester, but it somehow turned out that way! I suppose that is better than only managing 50... Continue reading →

It all gone so quickly

Less than a week left until Christmas break. The term has flown by with lots going on and not enough time to do it all in. Everyone seems to have settled in and found the things they want to do. I said before to give everything a go. Do it! I have found something that I didn’t even know existed before I came to uni. Canoe polo is an unusual sport (something like rugby and basketball in a kayak) but I really enjoy it and it gives me time to relax and have fun. Continue reading →

Deadlines Before Christmas

The oddity of having the third year project progress report deadline before Christmas did have the advantage of pushing the project on to the back burner during the Christmas period. Not having questionnaire data to sift through was something of an issue, but hopefully there will be some movement on that front when everyone including undergraduates have had feet under desks for at least a week. Continue reading →

#6 – Christmas Holidays

#6 - Christmas Holidays Hooray, Christmas holidays! finally some time off - these last few weeks have been insane. I've had 6 pieces of coursework since about the second week of term, all due in over the last four. But now, I am (mostly) free! I have two pieces of coursework due after Christmas, but both are group pieces that are pretty hard to get done individually, so other than revision for the 6 exams I have, I have most of this time off. Yay! I love my job at the Union bars. Continue reading →

Exciting Innovation

Over the Christmas period, I was invited to join up with the people I used to work with during the summer at IT Innovation for their post Christmas drinks in Southampton city centre. This gave me the opportunity to catch up with the developments on the projects that I worked on. For those unfamiliar with the work of IT Innovation, the organisation develops ideas from the University in partnership with industry. Continue reading →

End of Term

Term came to an end. I went home. And, unsurprisingly, I found it incredibly hard to adjust - nothing is easy when you feel like it's sending you backwards. Where I was recovering from the two-and-a-bit months I'd spent here, I thought I was smacking my personality in the face over and over, and so, naturally, once January appeared I was gagging to get back. Home hadn't changed, save for the urge to be with friends more often. Continue reading →

Stag’s Head Karaoke

Stag's Head Karaoke As usual, last Thursday I headed down to the Stag's Head on Campus for Karaoke. Mark (our DJ) was already there with John from Entz and I decided to give them a hand (I always have done, and it's good fun). Mark told me he'd bought some new discs for the system. The next question was how to import them. Courtesy of a little research I'd done just before Christmas, I knew of PyKaraoke and more importantly, cdgtools. Continue reading →

Holiday at last!

Holiday at last. Well, almost. I’m back at my parents’ house a little early this year to help out with a radio play my dad is staging. The fact that I just said “staging” should be raising a few eyebrows. My dad is trying to recreate all the fun/insanity of watching a radio play being recorded live, including microphones, multiple parts, and that silly person knocking cups together to do the “live effects”. (That silly person, in this case, being me. Continue reading →