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Interview with IT Innovation at Chilworth Science Park

I had the interview with IT Innovation at Chilworth Science Park today. It was quite a nice day out; lovely weather and beautiful surroundings. I arrived 45 minutes early (the company I booked the taxi with told me to get a taxi at 2pm if I wanted to guarantee getting there for 3pm). Having loads of time spare, I had a wonder around the site and it really was gorgeous. Plenty of trees and green space. Continue reading →


It's almost an unwritten code of conduct that most blogs need to start with a variety of quotes, such as: "I cannot believe it has been almost three weeks!" or "It's been really crazy*, but really fun!" or even some sort of nerdy programming quote that only people who are Computer Scientists would actually get. If I was writing one of these nerdy jokes to introduce my first blog post, then it would probably be based on some sort of "POST http/1.1" reference. Continue reading →

Credit Crunch

Overhyped by the media or not, there can now be no denying that we are in the midst of a financial crisis, or ‘credit crunch’ to use the term in vogue. I witnessed this for myself yesterday. You may remember me posting in my second blog way back in October (or if you don’t, scroll down a bit!) that the University’s Science and Engineering Careers Fair was awash with placement opportunities, even for us as first years. Continue reading →

Careers, Mountbatten and Freebies!

I’ve just experienced firsthand how valued ECS students really are. I visited the University’s IT, Science and Engineering Careers Fair and you only have to say you’re studying Electro… - and they’re falling over themselves to promote their particular companies and careers options. They then all asked what year I was in and I somewhat sheepishly replied, “First”, assuming that they would no longer be interested, but I was wrong. Continue reading →

Southampton’s Ranking is going up!

Guys, grab a Times Higher Education Supplement copy. It is hot, interesting and it tells you something very good. Yeah, the University of Southampton is going up. Last year it was ranked 141. Now it is 80! It has taken a huge jump. And that’s a solid proof that the University is doing well. You may not be fond of ranking but I really count on them. Among the many unbiased opinions regarding the prestige of an institute, the ranking is a very good option. Continue reading →