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On the back burner

On the back burner The advance of my project slowed significantly for week 4. The third-year project accounts for a third of the workload, so there are going to be weeks where very little is done despite the best intentions. That being said, it was possible to continue with a drip-drip approach. For example, I managed to complete an initial project plan in a 40-minute gap squeezed between two lectures. Continue reading →

Undergraduate Storyboard

Hiya, my name is Sally, I am an undergraduate student of the University of Southampton, I am doing Electronic Engineering in ECS! This blog is like a storyboard recording and showing you my life here as a student in Southampton, the University and in ECS (Just like the relationship between the library ---- , its function category of –Mathematics-- and the specific operation --abort()-- in C programming )! I hope you find the story FUN! ------------<stdlib. Continue reading →

“It is great to be back!”

“It is great to be back!” – A set of words I didn’t think I would use soon enough. After all, at the end of a whole year of assignments and exams, the only thing I could think of was going back home and relax. No more work, no more pressure, no more stress. However, a couple of months into my vacation I started to really miss Southampton, my friends, my freedom and even being given work to do. Continue reading →

Never underestimate the power of friends

Never underestimate the power of friends; they can help you when times get tough... or when you're trying to understand certain obscure concepts in Theory of Computing. In the first year admittedly I didn't go to Zepler labs much, but since the end of last year I've discovered how useful it is to be able to talk to people about work and discuss any problems which you come across (within the guidelines of ECS collaboration policies of course!). Continue reading →

Time to face week number five!

Week number four is dying; week number five is showing its face. If I think about it, I’ve only just started my degree; but I am already well submerged into it. Things get more interesting by the minute, lectures become more complex, coursework and tests become an everyday matter. For some reason, even if at times I can feel a bit desperate, it seems that it’s a good ‘stressed out’ feeling. Continue reading →

Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation

Evaluation, evaluation, evaluation Repeating something three times is a method to emphasis heavily à la mode of Tony Blair's 1996 conference speech. Evaluation is very much at the core of the project. It is all about user requirements and fitting them not only well, but very well. In a typical application, one focuses on functional requirements and does the best to fit the non-functional requirements first. Continue reading →

Innovation can be fun!

“Southampton has been ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities and is the number one university in the UK for Electrical and Electronic Engineering.” On one busy day while rushing off to school, I casually glanced at this headline in the newspaper thinking how great it would be if I actually was a part of this university and now I write my first blog as a proud student of the University of Southampton. Continue reading →

New Beginnings

Hello world. Over the period of the next three years, I will be posting in this little space, with (hopefully) useful insights of university life. I was born and bred in Singapore, a little country in south-eastern Asia. Climatically speaking, Singapore is hot all year round - as compared to Southampton, which is freezing (by my standards) at the moment. Journey to the UK took a killer 18 hours. That's how far away from home i am... Continue reading →


I'd like to start by saying apologies for the lack of posts in the last few months. This is because life has become rather complex and it has created a writers' block of sorts, but this is a long story that even in the context of blogging could be considered out of scope. Nonetheless, down to business. This post will mainly be devoted to advice for freshers. I have this habit of starting the academic year by ceremoniously snapping deep emotional ties with someone of the opposite sex. Continue reading →

Perfect Tools

About this time last year I spent some time reading these blogs here. It turned out to be a quite useful resource not only for "meeting" people from Southampton, but also getting a better overview of the course itself. Reading personal experiences may convey more information than the formal syllabus, which is abstract and does not tell the whole story (of course, I'm not saying these blogs do). Continue reading →