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Snow, ethics and the ability to blag

Snow, ethics and the ability to blag It has been an interesting week which was initially dominated by the snowfall and the disruption that it caused. There was never any question of putting my feet up and using the abject weather conditions as an excuse - a simple case of far too work to do. As I'd be holding back on a day off from work, I had no problem with getting involved in the snowman construction - Man with shovel, will travel - on the Thursday. Continue reading →

Snow! Deadlines! Poverty!

Snow! Deadlines! Poverty! That pretty much sums up everything that has happened since my last blog. The weather, as of writing, is snowy leaning towards icy, which has had the rather lovely knock-on effect of a four-day weekend! Took long enough for the snow to make its way down the country to us, heh. Deadlines are horrible, but I don’t have any left now, so my weekend is truly free. Aside from all the regular work. Bah. Continue reading →

I think it’s safe to say that winter is officially here

I think it's safe to say that winter is officially here. I can occasionally see my breath in my house and queuing to get into clubs is now out of the question, while the clubs themselves are beginning to make a packet off the cloakrooms. Negativity aside, I actually quite like this time of year for some reason. It gives you more of an excuse to hug people and stuff. So far this year has been an absolute coursework onslaught. Continue reading →

Time flies…

It has already been over a month since I arrived in UK. Time flies when I’m still busy with my coursework and studies. Though this is the first time I’m in UK, settling down doesn’t take much time for me as the university provides excellent student service and accommodation for international students. However, I find myself having to work really hard to keep up with the lectures. Continue reading →

Five great things about being an ECS student

Five great things about being an ECS student So… I’m about halfway through my first semester, and the fact that I’m only now sitting down and writing my first entry must say a lot about how busy I am, and how much of a great time I’m having here in Southampton! Instead of writing a fairly standard article about how brilliant Southampton and ECS are academically (which they really are: check out the rest of the website if you don’t believe me), I’m really trying to write more... Continue reading →


Eureka! I think I may have finally hit one of those eureka moments. Fortunately for the residents of Southampton, I wasn't in the bath at the time and simply just expressed this is as a knowing grin for the rest of the day. For many months, I have had a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve in my third-year project, but was struggling for the academic justification and/or supporting evidence to provide foundation for my work. Continue reading →

A year late…

Almost a year since my previous blog post so I will fill you in with what has been going on in my life! Last year shortly after my blog post I successfully applied for a position at Buckle Consulting, a local web design company close to campus. The job was ideal: web design being a familiar area to me, course related, part-time and working from home. Continue reading →

“Let there be Spin!”

"Let there be Spin!"I ’ll be going into my sixth week at university on Monday. That is mid-way through my first Semester. Those are some scary statistics. Put them into perspective: my brain has yet to process my being at university. It doesn’t really have much time, does it? Don’t get my wrong – it’s not because it doesn’t feel like university. It’s just that it’s going too fast. Continue reading →